Friday, November 23, 2007

(count the blessings)

I haven't been trawling the virtual world's periphery on a regular basis for quite some time now. This means a few missed appointments (mainly those listed/arranged/managed on Facebook), but I'm somewhat happy with the lack of internet access. It means more time to do domestic tasks and study.

Despite the study pressure that's been building up in the past few weeks, I am not too worried about it. Yes, I do care about my academic progress a lot. Yes, I care about how my future career will turn out. But, study/career is not the only thing that matters in life. There are a few things that hold my life together.

This blog evokes powerful thoughts about how ungrateful of life we can get (myself included.) So, here are a few things I am grateful of:

1. I can still eat properly, sleep well, and have enough money to buy fabrics for school work.
2. Not having to worry about waking up the landlady/resident next door because of late night studies.
3. I am going home in two weeks' time - whoo hoo!
4. I can drive around Jakarta easily and sort out my lists of 'things to do' and 'things to buy'.
5. My housemates are cool - they ain't angels, but they're okay.
6. The opportunity to save hundreds of £££ because of the situation I am in right now (yay! talk about blessing in disguise, or the cloud's silver lining)
7. That things that do not not sound logical still make sense and can work.
8. I am... online. Which means I am able to share how blessed I am, and how happy I'm really supposed to be! :D

Okay, folks. That's it for today. Have a great day :))

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aroengbinang said...

for number 4, it's not that easy nowadays nduk..., even on saturdays and sundays. hopefully it's getting better in a few months ahead, when more people are encouraged to use busway