Friday, July 13, 2007


Just to make it brief: I'm having a PV orgy! This post is going to be splattered with a lot of music videos. No, I'm not gonna blame it on cr (yes, because of youu...) but Nodame Cantabile is one good lot of entertainment. The classical music reference alone is worth listening too, along with alien-sounding sound and visual effects. Hopefully my dad buys into this...

Allegro Cantabile - if there was one song that got me hooked to Suemitsu & the Suemith, this was the one. It's like refreshing tonic for the soul... I see this one as a pick-me-up music and the MP3 stays in the mobile phone. Anne thinks the PV is murder on white piano.

Konna ni Chikaku de - last post's title. The blame goes to some cr guy and wikipedia, but the singer's voice is appealing. Her ethnicity is interesting, too: she's half African American, half Korean... and sings in Japanese with no trace of engrish (extra brownie points for her ^^ ) She vaguely reminds me of Kurara Chibana.

Sagittarius - a newcomer, having first heard of it within the past 48 hours. It comes from [what I see as] an 'approved of' artist/musician. I haven't got a file, but I reckon my housemate (who is bound to return by the end of the month) would be able to get me the CD... there should be no major problem.

(I'm trying to work out some illustrations out of these musics...)

By the way, it seems like grinagog (sans derogative sense) is quite illustrative a description of my mood right now...

Lastly, which one of these three songs do you enjoy the most? Take care! ^__^

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