Saturday, June 02, 2007

(I grow old!)

Er, yeah... I do grow old.

Didn't do much today. Woke up, painted, went to read books in the library, bought millinery wire at this haberdashery store, treated myself to scones and tea, and went to Anne's intending to decorate my own birthday cake... until I got there and realized nobody turned up for the pre-planned sweatshop workshop session. The weather was really pleasant, but Anne's kitchen was unbearably hot hence no self-made cakes for today <"6__6">

Liberty managed to give me a birthday surprise in form of... new china sets, and a hike in price for cream teas. It was priced at £8 last month ^.^;

meringue is now displayed too... hmmm...
Liberty's new china set
what, £9.84!
Anyway, thanks for the birthday greetings! My birthday didn't have an overly celebratory overtone, but I did have a good time indeed. I never thought that I'd be able to ask for mixed doner (an 'unlisted' dish) from Bangla Village, and I didn't feel like eating anyone alive today. Which is... jolly good.

I probably should've felt more jumpy or acted euphorically, but I didn't... I don't feel like it. I really am growing old.

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Devi said...


Happy belated bday darling!!!

Sorry for missing your bday. Bite me. Anyways, wishing you a very best of luck in every step you made.

Don't forget to meet me in Jakarta, kay!!! GBU