Friday, May 04, 2007

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Please don't take me wrong. My life is good; I don't have to shed blood and tears to cruise through it quite nicely. I still finish things I need to do on time. Even better, I went to an evening talk at school and made contacts with several up-and-coming designers who have had quite a bit of experience and are crème de la crème of their peers. To top it off, one was quite open-minded about having me on his team for summer placement. Yet, at the end of the day, I feel like rubbish.

Probably I should play the blame game and point the finger at the toxins pulsing through my veins after having less than 10 hours of sleep in the past two or three days. I eat healthily and drink gallons of water to help my body flush the toxins, but my brain is just crying out for sleep.

Funnily enough, despite the pressures my physical body is going through, I still managed to have a good day's class and did a lot of productive things... picking up garments for a photo shoot from Anne's place being one of them. I appreciate how good the weather was in the afternoon, and I was glad the Painting class was held outdoors today. The weather was rather chilly to start things off with, but it gradually warmed as students were absorbed into doing their works. I even managed to take copious shots of painting en plein air because the ambient lighting was so good it made my camera phone's meagre eye for detail seem like it has some photographic prowess.

There are long-term major problems I still need to deal with. The sunlight didn't make problems disappear or solve them... but I guess at the end of the day fresh air and some sunlight help cheer your heart and make your day. So yeah, I'm glad for it ^__^

By the way, I'm really sorry for not paying more attention on yesterday's post. I accidentally clicked the comments feature off, and just realised about it when I was about to start doing this post. So yeah, you are actually free to comment on anything... so sorry, my bad after all :s

Hope you have a good day... take care! :))

Why does my heart feel so bad?


Tukang Ketik said...

me too, my heart not so delicious.

Btw, what is "blame game"? Thx anyway.

Devi said...

Hi Marsh,

ah I don't like this post title! It's truly so NOT you :D

I've still got 2 more exams to go. *sigh*

Btw, I've just noticed your new box on sidebar "mentioned". You were well-dressed while visiting IMX. Nice ;)

mukuge said...

@tukang ketik: blame game is when you're trying to point a scapegoat for a certain problem instead of solving the problem itself. The approximate term in Indonesian would be 'saling menyalahkan'.

@devi: heee, the post title's so not like the usual me! but yea, that was what I felt that night :q oh, and thanks for the compliment ^.^