Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(mushy mode)

Despite my four-year attempt to brush off February 14 aside, I do love many things mushy... although I'm not having it this year. I'm going to hold a singletons' dinner party instead! ^^

One of my friends was talking about calling his significant other who is holidaying across the sea. He was talking about her view that [proverbially] a guy should be the first who puts his head on the chopping block. That's a nice allegory :))

Also, just wanna mention happy birthday to Celine while it's still February the 13th! There was this one time I went out to buy a red rose for her birthday since she wanted to have flowers... and red roses were what was available in store... and one stem was what a poor student's budget could allow. Celine, if you're reading this, happy birthday :D

Other than that, I'm spending tonight doing work for a mock interview session tomorrow... gotta be ready! >.< Cheers, take care, and please be productive/useful/careful today!

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