Thursday, February 15, 2007

Katamari Holiday

flower stall near home
Even though it's a day late to blurb about what happened on Wednesday, I'm doing it anyway.

OK, first things first: my normal attitude to Valentine's. Regardless of being dateless or not, I consider Feb 14 to be a day purposedly created by chocolate manufacturers and florists to generate half of their annual revenues (really.) Red roses nowadays have become a hot issue in England, particularly because of the carbon footprints created in growing and sourcing these roses from areas such as Africa and South America (I'd have lilies anytime, thank you.) Furthermore, there are 365.25 days in a year when you can express your care for that special someone, so why do it only for one day in a year? :q (calad's thoughts are pretty much on the same line with mine.)

Secondly: why I acted differently this year. Quite recently a friend ditched/was ditched by her boyfriend and she was feeling down, hence I arranged a dinner outing so that singletons (fresh ones in particular) wouldn't need to spend their evening wailing for their lives. All plans went well... until *somehow* almost all of the girls found romantically-charged dates to spark up their evening. At the end there were only three of us: KY, Mag and myself. We had fun eating out and hopping from one cafe to the other... who says being single on V-day means misery? :p

inside Maison Berthaux in Charing Cross
the sour one: my lemon tart vs KY and Mag's gateaux du chocolat
something for every sweet tooth
One thing I learnt from this stray occasion is... never eat out unless you really want to have the ambience of eating out! The queues were 20mins long (it was the restaurant's no-booking night), and service was... mediocre. It took us frantic hailing for about 15 minutes for us to order, before a further table chat of 20 minutes on oh-so-hungry-where-is-the-food wait. Paying took us 10 minutes. All these tell me something about planning for any sort of outing on Feb 14: either come in really early at five or really late at ten for dinner if you want decent service. Next year if there's anyone who wails for not having a date, I'll just come to her place and cook there instead.

And today, I've decided to stay home despite the offers to watch a late evening fashion show. I was told I need to put in more fabric and textiles into my research, which turned out into a day of making something that resembles a cabbage rose... and which made me think of Chanel's move to obtain Lesage is strategically sound. Honestly, that fairytale good ol' poor shoemaker is really lucky to have an army of crafty leprechauns to help him do his orders every night - I'd love to have that, too!

(I just have this thought that Lesage in reality is a factory chock full of crafty leprechauns, human-sized.)

four rows in 8.5 hours
Also, today's song hails from a videogame called We ♥ Katamari. This is my motivator song - it makes me stay put at what I do! Probably it's the prospects of stress-free holiday after the COMPACT scheme interviews that really makes me stick my head into what I'm doing, but anyway... it stops me from singing along and helps me do what I need to do :p

Alright, it's time to bed for me: hard work starts tomorrow at 7AM! With 13 days left to pack my portfolio, there are lots of things to do. That's life, isn't it :)) Take care!


Devi said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your day on Valentine's :)

I didn't have any to share, since I just stayed at home and studied for exam on the following day! *sob*

P.S. The cakes look yummyz and you look chubbyz ;p

Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

it's midnite here.... and the pics of the cakes makes my stomach grumble.... ur soooooooo baaaaaaaaddd.... You gave me an idea to go mad on cakes this coming weekend!!!! I'll try to get the girls to tag along... hahahaha...

mukuge said...

@devi: hahaha... chubby?? you sure it's not the camera's angle?? :p glad to hear that tho :)

@yvonne: cakeeeees... hmmm good cause it's a vitamin for the heart! :p

Diana said...

Iih...Marsha jerawatan :p