Tuesday, October 03, 2006

You Are So Good To Me

I finally found the memory card reader-equipped computer at uni. Mwahahahaha.

(Pictures rule.)

I took these two pictures a couple of weeks ago, but since they are interesting and rather timeless... they make it to my blog. A picture is worth a thousand words, two are worth two thousands [or more], so let's get on with it.

ugly puggy
This cute puggy doggy is... ugly. Cute things are more likely to be ugly, it seems. I read this somewhere off the web that what is considered as cute are things/objects that look as if they are unable to defend themselves and hence project the self-image that communicates a need to be protected and cared for. A pug isn't a physically huge dog breed, which may fit into the above description, but it also seems like it's unable to see or breathe properly. This dog's normal doggy huff-and-puff sounded more like a massive person running out of breath, which is pretty loud compared to its size. Cuteness and weaknesses aside, this pug is black in colour, whereas the 'traditional' colouring of pugs are usually beige or camel.

we've been around longer than you do.
Shorty cat: Hey you, what are you looking at?
Black cat: Cool down young man, she's just taking pictures.
Brown cat: Mommy, is she gonna poke our noses like those guys did?
Tall cat: No, dear. She's no mummifier, just a tourist. Now, don't be afraid and pose... she's got a camera on hand.

(Cats were sacred animals for ancient Egyptians, and temple-reared cats - like the ones we see in the picture - were mummified and given protocols just like members of the royal family. What a good time they had. Aah, I wish I were well looked after for flicking my tail around... but then, I have no tail "__" )

Finally, it's Benedict XVI's supposedly provocative speech. The lesson is to please, please, please practise common sense and do not make out-of-context interpretation on parts of somebody else's articulations. Any word or phrase has the potential to sound provocative, so there is no need to throw oil into fire.

Take care!

You are my strong melody, yeah
You are my dancing rhythm
You are my perfect rhyme
And I will sing of you forever

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