Saturday, September 30, 2006


I haven't posted an awful lot in the past couple of days due to my research on bamboos. Along the way, I was surprised by these images. I knew Frank Gehry was commissioned to make some things by Tiffany & Co, but nothing prepared me for this:

'Nuff said. Fashionistas, ditch your bling-bling garbs and get your hands on one of these sleek babies.


Josephine said...

This one is random (haha)

Sue me, or something... did you really call me last night? O_o;; I was half-asleep when I picked up the phone and I don't really register the fact XDD;; *is shot*

mukuge said...

Yes, it was me! I worked out you were too groggy for a long chat, so I reckon I better got my business down (which was to say "happy birthday") before hanging up.

My plans worked out too well with you not recalling much of it... oh well *bricks*