Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sumber Kasih

I find myself restarting my visual life once more. I will neglect my devart account no more, I am operating on flickr (finally!), and is one trusty place for Londoners to get their digital pictures developed. The price difference is staggering; getting 47 shots printed to a 7" x 5" size and shipped to my door costs £9.22, a stark difference to the financially burdening 80-pence-apiece option offered by photo developers around here. When I am doing a photographic journal, a lot of pictures are taken, and the cost difference can quickly accumulate. I'd rather spend the extra money on decent nice food or more colours for my art kit.

Happy birthday for DW, who is turning 17 (plus 7) today. Geez, you're old!

That's all! It's time to head off to uni. I've got an outdoor photography class, so I will be taking lots of pictures on an SLR camera... and I will need to shell out some cash to get them developed. The university has darkrooms, but their use is prioritised to photography students. Since I am a fashion student, hmmm... I wonder whether my photography/styling friend will help me gain access to these rooms, or better still help me develop the prints. Tee hee :))

Take care!

Ku kan s'lalu merasa terpana dan terpesona
'Kan kuberikan semua yang aku punya
Oh, sampai waktu kan musnah
Sampai aku pun punah
'Kan kucari tahu apa artinya...

Oh, cinta
Cintamu sungguh luar biasa
Seakan diriku berbunga
Kala kita di dalamnya

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