Friday, October 06, 2006

Brown Eyes

This post is dedicated to... myself ^__^

I did this really nice tonal drawing at visual studies on Tuesday, something that I might have mentioned previously on my blog. I was labouring and hunching my back over it, too afraid to take out or leave too much charcoal marks on the paper, and came out of the class with a dizzy head. The drawing is something really spectacular, although it could've been better (I won't get too technical here.) It reminds me of Escher and his prints. Image of the drawing I did is located here.

At the end, it was a satisfying achievement indeed. Although Tuesday is generally a long day with two lots of studio-based classes, I'm looking forward to it! As for tomorrow, it's a day sheltered away in the library and the computer lab, as the weather for this weekend is going to be rainy (with some gale-force winds thrown into it.)

(I also did something pretty cool in 3D accessories class today, but I still need a card reader to transfer the files to the laptop. Will do it at uni tomorrow.)

The song was the picture's mood music - I am sooo not in a relationship! End of disclaimer :) Take care.

Remember the first day, the first day we kissed
Remember the first day we had an argument
We apologised and then we compromised
And we haven't argued since
Remember the first day we stopped playing games
Remember the first day you fell in love with me
It felt so good for you to say those words
'cause I felt the same way too

The way we held each other's hands
The way we talked, the way we laughed
It felt so good to fall in love
and I knew right then and there you were the one

I know that he loves me cause he told me so
I know that he loves me cause his feelings show
When he stares at me, you see he cares for me
You see how he is so deep in love
I know that he loves me cause it's obvious
I know that he loves me cause it's me he trusts
And he's missing me if he's not kissing me
And when he looks at me, his brown eyes tell it so


Teddi Prasetya said...

Miss you Marsh...
Where are you now?
Btw, I think I'll be your blog's fans.

Oh ya, read mine too ok...

mukuge said...

Hi ted, thanks for visiting! :D it's a pleasant surprise to know you're reading my blog ^^
I'm in London, all holed up for design studies. It will be the Eid break soon, I guess :))