Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sang Dewi

The past couple of days for me passed in a flurry. It put me into an autopilot mode (not good!) Just to note one of my *stupid moves* today, I set off lugging thick books I was intending to return to the university's library. After visiting fabric suppliers and an art shop, I set out to the library by tube... only to find out I went to the wrong platform (ha!) Alright, it wasn't exactly the wrong platform - it simply meant it would be wiser for me to go to the embassy before I return the books.

I am hoping I will somehow make it to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning... geez... what a sleepy-headed dreamer I am :p

I'm also planning to go to Paris before Christmas. I just realised that the Balenciaga exhibition (on which I have been setting my eyes ever since I was in Jakarta) is ending by the end of the year, so I better rush and make it before it's closed. It's a spooky feeling to realise one of the first art books I bought was on Cristobal Balenciaga - I bought the book knowing nothing of the couturier, simply thinking that the pictures looked okay. Mag was being a bit unreasonable to ask me to come along on the 27th since I have no Schengen visa on my passport (and that it is notoriously difficult to get a visa into France), but I will push my luck - it once took me an hour to walk out from the French consulate general with a visa on hand. We'll see how I fare. Fingers crossed! ^o^

I went to a friend's place for dinner in this oh-so-far-away-we-were-completely-lost suburb. Nicole (this girl I met at the English classes programme) now lives with two Indians and a Swede in a nice house that's got blueberry shrubs in its garden! To cut things short, the food was worth getting lost for. The music was good, too. It was a highly entertaining occasion, and we promised each other to do again when the term break comes around.

I also attended this lecture on spray-on fabric - interesting stuff. This Brazilian guy developed the product as part of his PhD, and now the Royal Academy of Arts is creating an offshoot company to deal with the invention and its commercial applications. Check out the Fabrican website for more technical information. It'd be cool to spray some clothing onto your body - no sizing needed. Oh, you'll need somebody to help you spray it onto your back, too, as it may get a bit tricky.

And finally, the song. It gives me creeps to hear this song being performed; it's as if my body automatically goes into 'battle mode', ready to perform. I do miss dancing a lot, and there aren't any clubs for either Latin/ballroom or capoeira at university, so I might have to find one on my own.

Take care!

Walaupun dirimu tak bersayap
Ku akan percaya
Kau mampu terbang bawa diriku
Tanpa takut dan ragu
Walaupun kau bukan titisan dewa
Ku takkan kecewa
Kar'na kau jadikanku sang dewi
Dalam taman surgawi


Devi said...

Ah! Love Paris! I've never been to Europe before. Just spent sometime during holiday to some parts of Asia and Australia even though haven't explored all of them yet :)

U must've loved art very much, don't u! Looking forward to read ur story when u go to Paris kay! Some pictures as well :)

Devi said...

Where are you girl? Busy lately?

mukuge said...

Been buried under six feet of sketchbooks :))

Well, I didn't manage to get the visa in time for the trip today, but I am planning to go sometime before the end of next January.

I love art a lot, I really do... interesting ones can offer great inspirations. Seeing them is like storing up some amount of wealth in a creativity bank ^^