Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kelembutan Pagi

Since there wasn't enough time for me to procure a French visa, I delayed my trip to sometime in late November (after I hand in my works) or early January. Sigh.

I went to Staines on Tuesday to stay over at my uncle's house (note that the term 'uncle' used here refers to the Asian concept of treating with respect a person with little or no blood relations to you.) I love the place! Not only the house is new-ish, the family was lovely, too. I wasn't time-rich enough to spend three nights at his place, but it was definitely a good stay. The food was a winner, and so was the bathroom! :D I'm going to stay over at his place during a no-class weekend, fingers crossed ^__^ I was also inspired enough to watch Dor and Omkara, two Bollywood movies with stunning frames that were thoughtfully shot. These two movies may inspire me, I believe :))

Staines (and the journey to London Waterloo station by BR) reminds me of suburban Melbourne and the commuting trips I used to take to uni. I would sit idly, perched next to a window, enjoy the sun and watch the world go by. The house in Staines has a couple of leaf-shedding trees around it (I could see one standing smack-bang on front of the room I slept in), so I think it's really cool. There are no trees on front of my house - why is the whole pedestrian walkway thing paved without a single hint of greenery!

Enough blab for now. I enjoyed the stay and the 50-minute trip to London Waterloo, anyway.

As for work, I am running around with lots of ideas but not enough materials to make things happen. I'm finding out the way I think is pretty weird for my class group. It might mean either I am not as weird as the majority of art/design students are, or I am significantly weirder than I have imagined myself.

That's all for now; gotta go and do so many things! (Sometimes I wonder where all these energy and time I need will come from. Would anybody tell me please?) Take care!

Dalam kelembutan pagi
Buana berseri
Dibuai bayu dini hari
Sejuk di hati

Kusambut pagi sendiri
Tanpa kau melati
Namun tak kulupakan dikau
Satu denganku

Padamu angin ku bertanya
Mungkinkah abadi
Bahagiaku kini
Ku pasrah Ilahi

1 comment:

teddibelajarbersyukur said...

Seperti layaknya sebuah mesin, energi muncul dari putarannya, pembakaran yang ia timbulkan. You do so many things full of love, dan putaran yang kamu buat akan menyediakan energinya buatmu.

So, keep move on...!!! We're created to move.