Friday, July 07, 2006

Don't Sleep Away

Don't want to complain.
It's pretty daunting to start over again.
(Do I actuall know what I'll be blabbing on this post anyway? I don't think I have a clue. But anyway, it's a blog.)

Let's start with work... work pressures are lessening. It's a bit of a worry given the mountains of paperwork that come after the project is finished... gosh... when will people start accepting the responsibilities that come from their fulfilled wishes?? :p Task-wise, I no longer have the burden as the operational team has been taking over the task for close to a fortnight, making my life easier ^^ On the other hand, work is like counting down the days. Must pack up!

Secondly, I didn't know martabak telor could be sooo delicious! :p,,

Well, honestly... it's a pleasant surprise to have an easy load at work for the past couple of days. I'm just hoping to score a good place to stay in, and go through a relatively smooth transition period. Gosh, landlords and landlady, I'm in Indonesia for goodness sake!

Also hoping for lots of facial and no blemishes on my face... hehehe... :p *fingers crossed*

I've been driving my mother's black sedan lately. It's a manual car with its hand brake located next to the clutch (!) which translates to the need to have a third leg to quickly manoeuvre the car without stalling the engine. On Wednesday, I was heading back home from church, going down a long roundabout ramp of some sort (no idea what its proper term is) when suddenly the headlights of a car appeared... from the OTHER direction! (Was the driver illiterate? *:q) It certainly made life interesting that particular night, since I needed to retrace the way on reverse, uphill. I would probably have passed any car driving licensing test that night :p

Blah, what an unmotivated blogger I am today.

Alright, I better go, especially since I need to pack up and head off to buy paper for dress patterns before going to music practice. I hope the GM turns up soon... :) Take care!

Don't sleep away this night, my baby
Please stay with me at least till dawn
It hurts to know another hour has gone by
And every minute is worthwhile, it makes me so afraid

Don't sleep away this night, my baby
Please stay with me at least till dawn
It hurts to know another hour has gone by
The reason is that I love you...


Harph said...

martabak telor itu enak banget..... hhahahah baru tau yah?

mukuge girl said...

Iya nih... pathetic bgt deh. Tapi gak papa, segala sesuatu yg enak itu memang datang dalam jumlah yang terbatas huahahahaha.