Monday, June 12, 2006

Tutur Kata

I just rediscovered this Surrealist slogan generator site. I sure had fun with it ^^

Aaaah, fun... alright. I almost exploded when I saw my project going awry. It was like being defeated on a paper-thin margin. Anyways, I can't care too much on whether it's possible to finish it after all; it's about finishing it, period. Talk about me being iron-fisted :q

Tuesday uniform at work is a deadweight on my neck, particularly because the shirt has to be worn with a pair of long pants (hands up, anyone who can recall 10 occasions of seeing me in a pair of pants...) The shirt itself wasn't properly and carefully made, and the material selection sucks. Given the shirt's quality, I don't think an employee belonging to a company as sizable as the one I'm working for at the moment should be seen in a shirt so hideous.

Last Saturday, I went to Bandung with my parents on a day trip. It wasn't as large as I remembered it to be - or was it me who grew out? The city has got a plethora of choices when it comes to experimental dishes and bargain shopping. I was obligingly happy to whip out any discount or privilege cards that exist around my vicinity (to the shock and horror of my mum, who believingly deduced I would've spent all my paycheck on buying clothes. She's not too mistaken :p) Bandung oozes a different beat to that of wealth-centered, money-laden Jakarta.

Money cannot buy creativity; otherwise, New York would probably have been the world's culture capital, when we know it is everything but culturally blessed (which is the case for numerous U.S. cities.) The place must have a large pool of brains that have its right-hand side active, as well as tolerance and the necessary infrastructures to induce a conducive environment in which these brains interact. Jakarta is too money-minded and profane a city to care about this type of interactions.

I also took some good pictures on the trip using my dad's digi SLR. It feels funnily comforting (although heavy) to take pictures using his camera, partly because I learnt to use SLR cameras once but almost never used his. I will upload them within the next days for you to see.

Alright, that's all for now... I'm in dire need of sleep '__' good night!

Bagaikan air basahi tanah kering
Lembut, sejuk menyegarkan
Bagai cahaya mentari hangat memeluk
Rasa damai di jiwaku
Lembut, indah, tutur katamu
T'rangi jalanku, menghibur hatiku, memb'ri pengharapan

Untuk selamanya, sampai selamanya
Perkataanmu bertumbuh di hatiku
Siang dan malam s'lalu kurenungkan
Janjimu yang indah, ku berjalan di dalamnya

Kuingin selalu mendengar suaramu
Dan kurenungkan setiap waktu
S'bab kau milikku

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