Tuesday, May 30, 2006

3:42AM (Writer's Block)

Phew. As well as underallocating time, it turned out my actual tasks balance off the lack of time! It doesn't mean there is more time available, but it means there are less things to do.

I've been using Adobe Illustrator for quite a fair bit lately; it feels good to have my skills sharpened this way (although I'd like *somebody* to pay me back for those glossies, or treat me to a nice lunch. Sob.) Oh well, it's quite good overall. I'm trying to sell my point that combining turquoise/red coral is better than than compared to mocha/espresso as it's more likely to soothe and energizes while being memorable. In my opinion, good brands are noticeable from its colour combination and require little fussing around with fonts for it to be instantly recognisable. Some good examples are Shell (yellow-and-red shell), Tiffany &Co (robin's egg blue box and white ribbon), Cartier (gold embossing on rich red background) and Chanel (iconic white double C's over black.)

I also have this one nice shot I took when I went to Melbourne. Nothing fancy, just an image that would be worthy to look at and keep. I do think true graffiti artists wouldn't spray paint any wall incessantly when there is an artwork that looks this good... but then, not all graffitists are true, well-intentioned graffiti artists. Just pray more of this breed of people grow and live over here in Jakarta :))

graffiti on Melbourne Central
Other than that, I need sleeeeeeeeeeep... geez, can't believe that I'm turning 22 soon. The older I get, the more I feel time flies faster. I'm looking forward to travel around to unseen places ^^ Btw, today's song is a catchy one, so you might wanna start hunting for it. It's one that hits the spot right on for any assortment of artist stuck for ideas - you're not alone, so welcome to the club :E

Take care!

3:41AM, make that 3:42
Time just keeps rolling on while I'm here stuck like glue
So many things cross my mind
But nothing stays awhile, so frustrating
I just wanna say something worthwhile, speak through me

Say, say what You wanna say, and say it loudly
Say, say what You wanna say

6:45AM, man that just can't be right
3 hours have gone by and this is all I've got
My common sense tells me I should get out the way,
so You can speak
O Lord, show up or I'll be here all day, speak through me

Say, say what You wanna say, and say it loudly
Say, say what You wanna say, speak through me
If the idea's mine, it's nothing but a waste of time
So won't You say, say what You wanna say

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Harph said...

Hepi bersday tu yu....
Hepi bersday tu yu....
Hepi bersday dear achar....
Hepi bersday tu yu....
Hip....hip.... HORE....("'\( ^o^,)/'")