Friday, May 26, 2006


Have you watched the movie "The Da Vinci Code"?

Just to clear things up for the conspiracy-hungry crowd: the novel is based on a document called 'Dossier Secret', as well as several books that were written based on this 'Dossier Secret'.

Well then, have you heard of the term 'GIGO'?
If you haven't, it's the abbreviation of "garbage in, garbage out", a phrase denoting that any low-grade material used in producing another will definitely yield low-grade products or services (it's like cooking chicken cordon bleu using chicken breast meat that has gone off.) This is exactly how "The Da Vinci Code" (and other above-mentioned books) blur the line between facts and cooked-up imagination. 'Dossier Secret' is a hoax created by Pierre Plantard, wanting to milk cash out of unsuspecting persons. Hence, if the novel's main assertions are based on hoax, the whole thing is a hoax.
(Ooh yeah. Now recall those get-rich schemes you come across. This is a believe-me scheme you're coming across.)

Let's return to this post's topic. I think the movie sucks the way Memoirs of a Geisha disappoints me because the producers are trying to wedge a thick, five-hour-to-read novel (for me anyway) into a 150-minute movie. The CGs (if CGs were used at all) suck. Memoirs of a Geisha saved its face with its cinematography, costumes, sets and Zhang Ziyi; The Da Vinci Code blew itself up with its storyline in disarray and the fact Ms Tautou has none of the sexiness supossedly portrayed by Sophie Neveu's character. Okay, I like guys and I'm straight, but the costume team really didn't get how 'smart and sexy' is not pleated skirt and cardigan - that's schoolgirl look, by the way.

Save your buck and watch X-Men III instead.

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