Friday, March 10, 2006

Take My Life

It is quite annoying to be assigned the figurehead role. Everybody pretends you're in control when in fact you're just a vice for other politically-charged interests. Sometimes it's just way better to keep my mouth shut after being dismissed a couple of times in a row. It is disappointing, and a joke too, considering that my name is emblazoned on it.

There was this money-grabbing scheme that I came across today. When I was out for lunch, somebody from home called to let me know that my dad was at a hospital (a dodgy one to start off with - I personally thought he would've been sent to a more exclusive one.) So I tried calling the 'doctor' anyway, to no avail. A short moment later, somebody from home called to confirm that my dad was fine and he was at the office, which prompted me to call him right away since his mobile phone was switched off (his mobile is quite sturdy anyway, if he really got hit by something it would still be intact and running well.) To cut things short, I tried following the scammer's game but was either too hot-headed or too cool-headed for him. Oh well, I wish my dad hadn't told me to scare the guy away. I wished I'd tricked him and caught him and sent him to jail instead :(( boo hoo...

Tomorrow I'm having a small dental operation to remove a wisdom tooth. I'm going to the dentist tonight for a consultation session. It's a bit daunting to go through an operation I guess... hopefully things will fall out alright and I will be able to give a decent presentation on Monday ^.^; Oh well.

Finally, I took this nice picture of the sunset last night. To be honest, I'm a bit lazy to upload it to this site ^^; plus the connection at the office sucks too, so I better wait until I get home later on tonight. Take care! ^^

How many times have I turned away?
The memory's the same as the sand in the shore
But every time You've taken me back
and now I pray You'll do it once more

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