Saturday, February 25, 2006

8th World Wonder

Work and school has been very demanding in the past fortnight. I got some work assigned to me indirectly due to my so-called 'appearance' at a new local TV station. It started as a dare and was just me blabbing along on front of an automated video recorder in a box. The resulting footage was then cut, mercilessly edited and subtitled "Demands for a Pay Rise", then aired repeatedly. The fun part of it is free publicity. The uncomfortable part of it is the flak 'poor you' responses people give.

I'm in need of more encouragement! No projected Pantone purchases for the next month as I have forty of them now... probably enough to figure out why I haven't added anything new to my wardrobe (as if I have any.) I'm going away next week, so I hope I can find something good over there. But above all, I want my portfolio finished in the next two weeks and then be sent over. So it is the portfolio or nothing... I really do need encouragements, and pushy lines too!

Alright, off to bed now. It is really nice to be able to doze off your Saturday mornings to catch up with the lack of sleep I have on weekdays. Take care! ^^

I guess I'm just falling deeper into something I've never known
But the way I'm feeling, makes me realise that it can't be wrong
Your love's like a summer rain
Washing my doubts away

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