Monday, January 02, 2006

I Want You Back

In the mood for old hits for now. And somehow zoning for that 60s-70s period.

It feels so good to be fired up for dressmaking; I spent my Saturday drawing up patterns and cutting up some cloth to practise on. Sunday was a day of eating, socialising and merrymaking (and more sewing). Monday was more like Saturday, with the difference of a fruitless shopping trip... which took less than an hour including travel time. Tuesday? Off to the theme park. Four days are sure short. Got a lot of sleep hours squeezed in, though, which is good.

Honestly, I'm clueless about what to rant around (is life this good? I hope so.) Almost penniless, not everyone's nice, still feels insecure living here, got a mountainload of work to do, but otherwise... life is good. I'm glad I'm still able to have my prayer answered: asking God to let me feel my life is good. We all know at one stage or another [through thoughts and logical reasoning] that life is good, but there is a significantly noticeable positive difference when you are feeling you're in it. And I'm glad ^^

No lyrics this time around since I couldn't find it... it's apparently a P-Five remake of an old song by J5, whose world-infamous graduate is probably known for his moonwalking abilities (please confirm me on this bit). But otherwise, nice one.

Alright, take care of everyone else, and good night/morning/afternoon/day! :D

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