Monday, December 26, 2005

Open Up Your Eyes

Failed yet another time to be understanding towards others. Tell me please, how do we make up for blotched attempts?

Exactly how do I express it... I don't know. Let's see how it will be tomorrow *fingers crossed* I am. Such. A fool.

Starting from last Friday, my let's-ride-my-car-to-work buddy is officially out of the game. Life feels good when you're able to pick your songs and sing them on top of your lungs (be it in Indonesian or English or another European language). Life sucks when you have no one to share your songs with, and when you have to fish out your own wallet to pay for tollroad fees. But then, how you judge it (i.e. whether it sucks or not) is entirely your choice.

Going to bed early tonight. Just another pedantic note, there's this error with the Blogger site which causes me unable to list the correct time of this post was published. Hence, the four most-recent posts (including this one) were recorded to be submitted four hours later than I had originally done.

I am sorry, really sorry! >.< No amount of soothe-talking could probably amend it... I am really, really sorry... (will try hard for it, don't know how though.)

Take care of others, and see you soon! :))

Throw yourself aside
and hear the gentle cry
of the voice of peace that gave up all to fill the void inside
Give away the fight
Release your foolish pride
the very bond is broken down you need to leave behind

And the time has come to realize
and see the plan you've been designed for
So face the fear of all unknown
and see the heart inside
So open up your eyes
So open up your eyes

open up your eyes

Can you sense the feeling that there's more than what you know?
It's a fire that burns within that only seems to grow
There's a price that's given and which only love can pay
And the time is here and now, don't let it fade away

So open up your eyes, open up your eyes
So open up your eyes, open up your eyes

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