Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wait for Me

On the issue of body weight, I really should put on some weight... or should I? Measuring myself on a scale, my body weight hasn't changed since I moved nearly half a year ago (gosh, half a year, that's a lot of time.) Measuring myself physically... my fat cheeks seemed to move down to the girth area. In short: eat more and do physical activities more. Solution taken at the moment: going to gym after work. It's tiring, but it helps me sleep better at night. Ideal/preferred solution: rewind half a year and [probably] skip the walk-in interview.

I had a purchase shipped in from Brisbane to up here, but the postal office guys seem way too happy to extract FEES and TAXES and DUTIES on the item. The tax on the item has already been paid for prior to sending it, my goodness me! And that means it is no longer an item tradeable for commerce or an import, but a personal item that should be subject to no tax if sent thru post. The guy who handled the package left the wrong mobile number (or the maidservant might have recorded it incorrectly), so I called the information line and got the office number. Will give them a call second thing in the morning. Keeping my fingers crossed so I won't have to pay taxes on it over here ^.^ getting taxed once is enough.

I think I remember this line from the Customs and Duty form normally filled up upon entrance to this country. It reads like this...

"Have you made a tax-free purchase overseas of over USD *** per person, or over USD *** per family?" [answering 'yes' is subject to Customs' duties.]
Luckily, mine is not tax-free. I'm praying, I'll gladly wag the receipt for him to see, and quote the above-mentioned line. All fingers crossed ^.^ yes Marsha, yes you do have a lawyer's wit to match your cheeky attitude. I don't know whether I'm being sarcastic to or complimenting myself.

Lately, I'm trying to say a prayer of thanks every night before going to bed. It's true you do have a choice over how you run your feelings and moods; it filters the little voices going about in my head. And for now, thank God for Him waking me up early tomorrow morning :)) Hey, an early receipt is good for guaranteed performance.

Still wishing for the good ol' time to come back. It won't come back; I will make my happiness happen. Take care! Going to bed now, planning to leave home just after sunrise tomorrow morning and must pack clothes up beforehand. Nitey nitey, or have a good day depending when you read this blog ^^

P.S. wondering how I can contact DD nowadays... Pau, do you have an idea? And Ponky, have you asked Silly to drop the CDs at #56's mailbox? Thankies!

Now I know you may have made mistakes,
But there's forgiveness and a second chance.
So wait for me, Darling wait for me, wait for me, wait for me

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