Monday, November 21, 2005

(sitting duck)

I went out with Gina on Friday evening.

By the way, I gave my dad a call before leaving the office so that he wouldn't be worried about my whereabouts. The conversation went like this...
"Dad, I'm going out with my friend tonight."
"You're a grown-up girl! Why do you ask me?"
"Well, last week you were looking for me all over the place when I wasn't home by 8:30..."
"But you don't need a permission to go out, right?"
"..." *d'oh.* "Just to let you know."
"Ah. All right, that's fine. Thank you for letting me know."
[some more babble goes here as to where I was going, what I was gonna do etc. And then...]
"So, who are you going out with?"
"A friend. From Melbourne."
"The name?"
"'s a girl!"
*yeah, and..?* "Erm, do you want me to go out with a guy named Luhut... or Parlin..."
*Dad laughs* "Well, you're going out with a girl!"

That's one funny episode last weekend.

The other funny episode is when we (Gina and I) walked around for a place to eat, we came across this Chinese restaurant familiar to cash-strapped students in Melbourne. To cut it short, it redefined the way the phrase 'sitting duck' means to me.

I'm going to watch Harry Potter next Friday. As for fashion trends, my hunch has been proven right when yesterday I saw the Sunday newspaper inserts. I'm a year early with cutting forecasts ^.6 and almost two years early with the colour scheme.

Work is going on okay at the moment. More time is spent hunched, producing analysis. Sometimes I cringe when I see the financial statements. Sometimes I think what a Comm/Law graduate fully focused to work in his/her trained field thinks when the client ordered some book-cooking to make things look presentable. Is lying up for the 'better of the company and its stakeholders' definitely bad? Is it definitely good? There is no such legalistic measurements I don't think active legislations on corporate disclosure works well enough to eradicate cases like Enron. The downside of a bad clothing collection is not selling enough for a season, but for corporate lawyers/accountants/auditors the dirty laundry comes up too late for reconstructive changes [on the observe corporation] to be carried out.

By the way, someone told me that this blog is written/typed up using complicated English vocabulary. Just to let you know, I read a novel called The Historian during the weekend. The book was thoroughly littered with unfamiliar words I had to resort to a dictionnary while reading it. My mum thought I had forgotten how to communicate in English after working in a local company for months (little did she know I keep a blog in English.) I'm going to re-read the book and actively use some of the words I'm learning in this blog. Here are some examples...
opus = work (I've always thought it meant variations)
hackles = make somebody angry
Well, that's two for now... as for the book itself, I wouldn't recommend it unless if blood, gore or vampires are your thing. I'll stick to Life of Pi instead, English version please.

Going to sleep now. Lots of work to do, but looking forward to days filled with making clothes. Take care!

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