Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thank You

The theme for my office's Christmas celebration is Don't worry, He leads me!

Somebody told me once to pray as if God is the only one who can help you and try as if you're the only one who can help you. Well, this is true. I hold onto the fact that God owns everything, which means God owns every single hair iron in this world, and nothing is too small to be out of his plan.

Funny how it is easy to criticise others, but hard to make your 'positive inputs' into a positive catalyst for others. The world is imperfect after all; we strive for the best in life, yet we think changes are too hard to be done. This means we are hypocrites after all.

It is easy to be hurt by what others do to you (either intentionally or subconsciously), but I will persevere. I pray so that we all can be a better person in life. Take care ^__^

Just a little longer I wanna pray
Can't get You out of my mind, so I came to say
Thank You Lord just for loving me
Many times as I do forget
Every need that You have met
Oh thank You Lord, I know You're showing me
You are there when I am down and out
You're holding me, Your love is so amazing
Oh it changed me

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