Monday, December 19, 2005

Selfish Song

I don't like myself. There are times when I'm trying to make good decisions and follow them to later realise I had been acting foolish and not willing to listen (scared, perhaps?) I'm really sorry for it. Please, please, please do tell me if you catch me doing this kind of slip-up in the future.

Second bit of news is that I got my hair iron. Yay! ^^

Third bit of news is my boss/direct supervisor is moving out of town for the next year or two due to work mutations. Kind of sad not to have him around, but life goes on, and the coming year will probably be a bit of a different challenge to me (fingers crossed).

Progressing with Gincu's skirt. Aiming to finish it by year-end.

Addicted to Sudoku and is learning to stay away from it during working hours (lucky I couldn't download it to my mobile phone.)

In dire need of sleep... last week I had a full week of company events. Had to run around to places - spending something close to half a million to refuel my petrol tank during *that* week alone, and about a fifth of that amount on tollroad and parking fees. I'm used to managing events under pressure, but last week was pure tiring. One night I was behind the wheels for close to six hours, more than enough to test one's endurance and patience.

I'm glad a lot of my friends finish their study this year-end, but it's weird as well. I will remember them as those folks I know during my uni years, and will probably stay in my head as what they look like right now. The past can be neither regained nor recreated. Some controllable variables of happiness lie on our hands; these we can decide on.

Sleepy, and happy to note I'm changing the way people at the office dress. Pray so that the influences I exert on others in the future are positive. Take care of others, and see you soon :))

Every revolution leads the people on
with promises and changes egalitarian
You have a Mussolini, Stalin, Bonaparte
well, they prove a revolution doesn't really change your heart

I've never grown from the terrible two's
Don't you know, nothing changes after the coup

Who is gonna sing my selfish song
Well, the answer is me, so don't sing along
Who is gonna change this heart of stone
Before my God my life is a selfish song

They build a wall from the East to the West
Saying maybe Jesus was a communist
'cause he spoke love and equality
Then tell me why did they nail Him upon a tree?

'Cause he said, everyone is singing such a selfish song
And we don't want help, not from anyone
I can make a change in your heart of stone
Hey, don't you know that you can't do it on your own
On your own.

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