Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Someday, Someday

Got back from a four-day trip to Batu - not for autopsy, but for corporate review and budget planning. The weather over there was fine; the air clean and unpolluted. The only downside to it was that the meetings were conducted indoors, and a lot of people smoked [inside the rooms]. Yikes. Apart from the wool skirt and jumper I could not send off to the hotel's laundry, I sent everything else away to be laundered. They now smell like freshly washed clothes with a strong soapy smell... yumm... smells really like the good ol' times.

I'm coping with the disappointment of not being able to attend an Advanced class at ESMOD since I was the only person who confirmed my interests in continuing for the coming month. Hate it so much since I haven't got all the time in the world to waste away a month not learning everything. Reconsidering grudges since this would mean I have time to exercise (preferably at Mercantile due to its spanking clean changerooms.) Keeping fingers crossed so that the Advanced courses will start without delay in January. Keeping fingers crossed so that I can definitely exercise at Mercantile ^.^;

The maths of temporary pleasures are plain absurd. The amount of money I spent on Cappucino Blasts in the past fortnight was enough to fund my monthly mobile phone expenses. The amount I of money I approximately spend on comic books every month is enough to buy me one (or two) nice watercolour brushes for each of the month I buy comic books. Is the amount of pleasures one gets from eating highly tasty food (i.e. super-salted, super-sugared, super-fatted, super-spiced or super-MSGed) fair enough a benefit gained through long-term health deterioration? On the topic of the hotel's food, one thing is true for sure: the food offered sucked big time, and I will definitely choose the [relatively] tasteless and healthy food prepared at home. The OJ was simply sugared water with some yellow colouring. Yikes.

I'm also promising myself to make myself a new cocktail dress, a dressy jacket and a bag in the next month. It'll be a good set of tasks to put the skills I learnt to test... and I get something wearable out of it, too ^.^

When the weather is fine, it gets me thinking and wishing again... when will I return to Melbourne?

Against all odds, I say I definitely will.

So we've already established the fact that
things are gonna be different in the future, baby.
And you've reiterated the fact that you don't
want to get into something that's just gonna have to end later.
Now I know our lives are changing and I've seen
it coming for a while too, don't get me wrong.
And I've been going outta town baby, it's gonna happen more,
we gotta be strong but now

While I'm gone
Just be a fly on the wall
You know
I'm thinking about you

Just wait and see
You gotta hear what I say
I'm in love with you
I'm not so far away

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