Monday, September 05, 2005

What Can I Do

It's a step towards reaching my dream... or realising that it isn't for me.

I'm going to learn pattern-making starting from next week. The classes run between 5 to 8PM Monday to Friday, which means rush rush rush away after work, since work finishes at 4:30PM. I was lucky since this class means I don't have to throw away my Saturdays... there was this other class slightly further away from my office which runs on Saturdays between 9AM and 7PM (with a one-hour lunch break) - this would be hell! Asked my boss and he said okay already. So it's a matter of convincing my mum... she was okay with me planning to attend the Saturday classes, so I guess she'd be okay with this one.

Secondly... I feel rather ordinary. And excited. It won't be very soon, but it won't be a distant dream to make my own clothes! Yay!! ^.^

Last weekend was a long weekend, starting from Friday - thank God the calendar year in Indonesia is dotted with a cornucopia of remembrance days, religious holidays and so on. Out of the blue, I decided to abandon the ubiquitous 'sleeping in' rituals (i.e. wake up at 8:30AM at the earliest) for a swim... well, let's credit it to my mum for successfully dragging me out of bed just before 6AM. To cut things short, we (me and boknyok) went for a swim at the local pool. Got out of pool before 8AM... then had something to eat... then went home for a decent shower before heading off to TA. The bathroom at the local pool was grubby and spooky. Some of the shower boxes have neither door nor a shower curtain, and the dry change area is located across the corridor (now you know why I took another shower afterwards ^^; )

I went ice-skating at TA mall on my own. I think you just get past the I'm-feeling-lonely stage after some time because you get used to the proverbial silence. So, I skated on my own... and I fell! On my bum!! Ouch... it hurts even though the initial moment of impact felt like nothing. Then I got up, brushed myself dry and continued skating... hehehe... I think what makes the difference for adult skaters is they realise that falling may hurt (yes)... and that falling is dangerous (no, as long as there is proper gravity, you fall down and not up). Nothing further than that, really...

The last time I went ice-skating was either in the southern hemisphere's summer of 2003, or when I went back to Indo at the end of 2004. Can't really remember. Both were memorable, though.. the earlier for the sloppy rink and the latter for the ice grooves.

Anyway, before the connection drops again... I think I better submit this blog, and go to bed. Tee hee. Take care!

Maybe there's nothing more to say
And in a funny way I'm calm
Because the power is not mine
I'm just gonna let it fly

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