Thursday, September 15, 2005

All Around

There are many things I can be grateful of:
1. Ability to blab here *points at*
2. Jesus is personal
3. Having a fair boss at the office (his boss is fair, too, which is just plain good.)
4. Being able to study pattern-making
5. Driving myself around in a car under relatively safe conditions (then again, Jakarta's so-called 'safety' is different to what I grew up with)
6. Earning good income (for the standards here though) and having PayPal
7. My room! This computer! The sewing machine!
8. A colleague's generosity to let me toy with her fabrics in order to make her daughter some dresses
9. Air conditioning (dead without them, I'm as good as fish in the market without it.)
10. Cable connection
11. The latex mattress - it's better than springform mattresses!
12. Brownie for keeping a watch
13. The physical exhaustion I'm having

I'm going to have a good sleep soon... I don't mind studying in Esmod other than the fact short course students are unable to borrow books from its library. If the library's open during normal daytime business hours Mondays to Fridays, short courses' students are unable to borrow books and they students have project on which they may require the use of library books... then the fact that you're able neither to borrow nor to read it during the library hours are a bit of a Catch-22. That's okay, I'll figure out a solution soon.

For my friends who are currently blogging... thank you for letting me put your blog addresses here. It gives me an insight of how you're faring - well, a minimum of 8% effective communication [through literal words] is better than nothing at all, isn't it? As I get to know people, this 8% figure increases accordingly... hehehe... I miss my sister, she'd be telling me to go to bed now. I miss Bandit too, as Brownie is a bit too smelly/dirty to be hugged around.

As for the drama... I'm going nuts as one of the coordinators (i.e. my quasi-supervisor) requested a prolog be inserted into the beginning of the drama at under 48 hours from the scheduled recording session. The play is to be acted out within nine days. The answer is simple: no thank you... but presenting the answer is one of my weaknesses.

Okay people, my eyes are about to give up! Take care, and love you all.

Let the nations sing, let the people shout
Let Your kingdom come, pour Your Spirit out
Manifest, manifest Your love
Manifest, manifest Your love

All around, all around
Everywhere I look Your love is all around
All around, all around
Everywhere I look Your love is all around
Everywhere I look Your love is all around


p01nky's said...

i miss having u around as well...
and i think ban2 misses you too...
i've been too busy with stuff... so i've been kinda ignoring him for a while... and just hang with him for a couple of mins... during meal time...
are you coming for xmas? or should i go home?
i'm getting homesick....

mukuge girl said...

mak has an idea to go to NZ again... but this time restricted to Sth Island since we had a good time... but I want to end the trip in Wellington (the shopping, the shopping), and moreover we're still not too settled on that at the moment... she's busy doing VP stuff.
if we go to NZ though, [I guess] we'll be stopping over at Melb. I'd have to push my luck for the days off. Plus... I want to see banban!! ^o^