Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Drawing Me Closer

Tired, but happy!

It's been two-and-a-half weeks since the pattern-making evening classes start. The schedule is a big burden on me physically (imagine working/being alert from 7:30AM to 8PM). Ponky even told me not to die too soon :q I won't, there are way too many things to finish before I can take a long rest.

Yesterday evening I went back from the design school with G (a work colleague who can't pronounce rolling r). While I was driving along a major road, we got stopped by the police. It turned out G didn't put on his seatbelt until the police caught him red-handed not putting it on (fyi, G has been doing the car-pooling thing with me for some time, and he knows well I demand everybody in the car to be belted up.) Given the car I was driving, the police wanted to fine me big time, but I snapped back at him and told him to finish up whatever business he's up to with G and not me. He agreed and asked me to park further down the road (to which I agreed.) Before I let G out, I gave him a dose of... well... I don't know what to call it... it was all too clear to see I was angry big time with him.

Okay, enough with the police business. I got a new mobile phone! ^^ It's nice, and the expandable storage's capacity included in the purchase is quite generous. I wonder, though, whether guys feel the need to upgrade their tech toys three days into using it (I'm already contemplating the purchase of another Memory Stick.) Also, now that the drama is finished, I have a greater likelihood to succeed in moving to Hartadi and Hero's youth fellowship.

And oh, if someone's wondering how I'm faring with homesickness, I'm just surviving. I miss Melbourne. Even my friends at work say that my mudik ke kampong (homecoming) is going back to Melbourne (glad they acknowledge it :)) )

Good night, everybody. I don't want to be late to work tomorrow morning. Take good care, since we all will be responsible of how we use our time on Earth. Bye!

What would I be, if not for You
movin' me?

It's the hope I know
The grace You show that's
drawing me closer
It's the peace I feel
It's Your love so real that's
drawing me closer
And my heart's filled with pure amazement
everytime I feel the tender touch of Your love
Drawing me closer

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