Monday, July 18, 2005

So Little Time

Well, there's kinda little time left for me to *enjoy life* (this is a phrase I coined to justify the sloth mode I'm getting into for the past few weeks.) On Sunday, I was asked whether I was still in studying in HSC or was already studying in university - the true answer was neither

Anyways, the new computer system has been hanging around my room for a couple of days by now. It came in late on Friday evening... something like 10PM?!?! Gosh, the flood was real bad that day. I was grateful it was raining heavily though - habits from dry-as-bones Melbourne?? Liked the rain though, it went well with yum cha at Plaza Indonesia (you now do have a reason to call me a sloth.) I went home just before 5PM, dropped my friend at Sunter (less than 5kms away from home), then drove home... and got into the house at several minutes past 7PM. It took me forty minutes to circumnavigate on the flooded roads! I chose one which was least flooded, but that road was still... flooded. People were dragging their legs through masses of water, which went past their knees and almost reached their thighs. I could hear water gurgling under the car; the sound made my hairs stand on its end. Bulu kuduk! It was definitely an eye-opener, if not a nightmare and reverse cultural shock rolled into one. And all these in the middle of the dry season. When I got home, I got quite a long lecture from my dad about being... being... more careful and strategic?!

This reminds me of home... yes, home in Melbourne. I miss hugging and kissing Bandit, especially since Brownie proves to be less of a companion and more of a guide-dog ignorant of its masters. Even though I don't like him that much, it's pitiable. He needs to be washed (which I will do if weather and time permit.) He needs to learn how to be cuddled. I miss my Ban Baaaaaaaaan... >.<

This is the new computer system (the PSC and CPU tower weren't photographed.) Like it heaps! The 17" flatscreen display and optical mouse are great improvements when compared with the 15" display and rollover mouse back in Melbourne. They were good though. Apart from minor power/frequency choke-ups, the screen works well. The rollover mouse? Well... I resorted to borrowing Yvonne's for the past few weeks. I'm determined not to go back to rollover mouse anymore ^.^ the only way is up and up to Wacom tablets. As for my dad, his point of view is that whatever he spends should become an investment. It's a view he's firmly establishing with me doing his requests to do brochures.

My sister just had her eyes operated upon last week! Now she's half-blind (but reading comics book... how can that be?), half trigger-happy (the drugs), and... I don't know what to say. Ponky without glasses was a rare sight so I can't really imagine her not wearing it. But then again, thick-rimmed glasses increases the smart/intelligent/wise look if one's applying for jobs. Better grab a normal pair even if your eyes are fine without prescriptions...

I'm going to Gunung Sahari tomorrow. This is not a mountain by the name of Sahari, but rather a suburb's name in Jakarta. What for? To buy a tambourine! ^.^ I went there last Friday, but missed it since the store was already closed. The maidservants who were looking over the place said it was a dressmaking business though, and not one selling tambourines. I am pretty sure *that* place was the one I visited back in early 2001. Hopefully. Amen ^^ There aren't many hours left till work starts. It'll start [most likely] on Wednesday.

It will soon be the end of one phase of life, and the start of another. Can this realisation be long overdue... by something like four months? Or even six? I am unsure of how the work will go about. I'm also on the list of several other prospective employers, but the prospect of some multinational corporation binding me for a two-year period and risk getting paid zilch for breaking the contract seems bizarre for me (if not overly constricting.) Will I like the work? (Well, yes, better than not knowing what to do.) Was I made for this work? (Don't know, although would like to shout 'no' the instance I know I wasn't made for it.) Do I commit myself to doing design? (yes...?) Will I go back to Melbourne, ever? (...yes.)

Sometimes there are only so little visible indicators of returning it seems vain to hold onto the hope, but hanging on the thread is better than not trying at all. I hope the thread lasts till the end.

It's funny that I feel homesick nowadays. I bat my eyelids and try to explain to curious probes why I end up *here* after being *there*. There are days I feel too angry to agree but too tired to explain. There are moments, especially when I go to church, when I miss the fellowship with my friends and dancing the most. Sometimes I feel I am being robbed of the joy of living I once experienced, but I also know the statement I just expressed isn't entirely true. At the end, no matter how hard one wishes to undo the flow of time, one will only lose it even more.

(Someone told me I'm getting ungrateful of my circumstances. I pray I won't be ungrateful of it anymore.)

Uni times were definitely one of the best times in life! Needless to say "assignments and final exams are evil because they reduce sleep time", I love the lifestyle. There are some things that made life at uni felt great:
1. Friends - indispensible.
2. Flexible hours - well, that depends on your timetable too, but you can cram a week's worth of classes into a little over two days (not recommended for those with short attention span.)
3. Fun - ...scav hunt :p regardless of it, outreach activities are fun and nerve-racking.
Can't think of other things... so let's call it the 3F joys of studying in uni. Tee hee ^o^

Last bit of news: I had my medical check-up on Tuesday last week. It was a bit extensive, and I had to fast for at least ten hours prior to the appointment. Needless to say, when I got there I was hungry (and tired and exhausted and a bit snappy - got caught in traffic jams.) Before too long I was called to have my blood sampled... went straight into the cubicle with the nurse... and I saw the needle she had with her. MY GOODNESS!! IT WAS BIG!! It was one of those needles with a clearly visible hole through it. My stomach churned when the nurse started 'preparing' my veins. I turned away, trying to ignore the pain, and I told her that I'm turning away and fantasising "some other things so that I won't think of it at all." I started visualising the Latin dance classes I went to a couple of months back, and got taken away with the music. The next thing I saw was two ladies standing over me with half-exasperated faces.

(You guys can pretty much guess what happened... 9__9;)

Anyway, that's all for tonight. I'm going to bed soon. Take care, sleep tight!

So little time so much to do,
I rather spend my days with you
So little time so much to do,
I rather spend my days with you
And if that day is not enough,
maybe we can stay in touch,
but I'm not making plans for tomorrow
For tomorrow never comes.

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p01nky's said...

nice monitor!!!!! new table eh? r u allowed to have the comp in da bedrm??? it'll be nice, since our room is waaaaayy to big for 1 person... plus boknyok's study room is not exactly study 'inducing'. :p (wif all da shoes?!? naaah!!!)
send me more comics pliss... pretty pliss... still half blind... it takes me 1 day 2 read 1 comic. but kmaren I finished 'em all in 1 day (and ended up blind all eve)