Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Moon River

Now that Blogger supports photo displays, I found no need to switch to MSN's Personal Space. Hooray! ^o^ Now, some vanity moments for me hehehe...

Nikhen's wedding was on Saturday night. There were me, Peter, Vanny Hartadi, Alex, Ichad and Annette who were present at the party. Peter was in the groom's family (apparently, doh.) Hartadi was Nikhen's best man. Vanny was made the maid of honour. She looked real pretty! It's a pity I didn't have a chance to take a proper picture of her to show around ^.^; Poor Nikhen and Stephanie... they looked like they could not stand another moment standing to greet incoming guests, or to proceed with 'items for the night'. We shared food in a bid to cut down on time spent queueing for food. Alex tried to figure out of "another way" to arrange party activities in a bid to have an enjoyable wedding party in Jakarta. I spent much of my time watching for my dress train, or gracefully smiling at whoever stepped on it before exerting an authoritative "excuse me, sire/ma'am/miss."

Forgot to say that I *almost* got the bouquet. The bouquet's ribbons were entangled in my finger when another girl grabbed it from my hand (or was it a shove?) Anyways ^^; I wasn't keen on demonstrating footy moves, so she ended up having it. It's not such a big deal since I have caught a bride's bouquet beforehand, but it was an attractive activity to get involved in because the bouquet came along with a one-million rupiah shopping voucher. Then again, that would not have been such a bad catch... hmmm...

Anyway, I love my dress ^.^ I love shopping. And I'd love Ponky to get her IXUS 700 as soon as possible... hehehe... mak is currently against giving you any extra shopping allowances! It'll be a while before my poor sister has a digicam on hand once again.

Today I also rummaged through the picture chest at home. I came across lots of photos, most of them recognisable. My dad was really head over heels about my mum! There were several albums filled with her pictures (both coloured and B&W prints), and in most of them she was unaware she was being photographed. It feels like I came across some evidence of stalking activities. The most interesting pictures I came across today, however, were the B&W ones from their uni days. He would make an excellent photojournalist. His pictures have this innocent quality to it... in a lot of those B&W pictures, most of its objects were not extremely aware of the camera's presence. I'll try to scan some of his pictures in the near future.

I'm also supposed to be getting a desk delivered to my place today. It was purchased on Sunday afternoon and was to be delivered at around 3PM max on Monday (which was yesterday.) It wasn't delivered at the promised time, though. The driver was sick yesterday, the car was coming in late today... I don't know what other kind of excuses will be coined up to me in the next 24hrs. Probably I should just cancel the transaction if it doesn't arrive in the next hour or two .\\//. feeling rather grumpy.

My room is starting to look like a hellhole. There are way too many things my mum keeps in it, turning it from a decent bedroom into a storeroom. At least two-thirds of the cupboards are filled with her dresses, sarong, kebaya and who-know-whats... Right now I'm trying to make a treadmill disappear into thin air so that the new desk would fit into my room without making it look overcrowded.

I'm planning of going to Mangga Dua tomorrow. I'll be driving an automatic car - yay! - I've had enough of driving a manual Kijang on a packed and practically lawless road. These are actually the first few days I have had time to take a break from my activities. There were exams till 20/6, driving lessons and portfolio preparation till 30/6, the interview at Cilandak on 1/7, and the wedding on 2/7. It feels good to step back, although I'm keen to start work within a week or so. AI sure is taking its time in deciding to employ me... -__-;

Yesterday I meet Punyet and DW (who happened to be in town). Both were in good shape. Punyet looked like a Myer salesperson!! ^^; (sorry, white shirt and black pants are synonimous to Myer's dress code.) I also managed to drag them home to have a small reunion-like meeting. It's a pity I forgot to take pictures last night >.<

All the best for those waiting for their results! And Ponky, if you want *thatthing*, you better send me *whatyouneedtosend* tonight once you receive it... you already know my plans for tomorrow. Take care! ^^

Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
You dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end
Waiting round the band
My huckleberry friend, moon river
...and me

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