Saturday, June 25, 2005

Friend of God

To say I don't like where I am at right now is just like saying I like where I am at right now.

It's so confusing. I feel at times that I don't deserve the slice of life assigned to me, or that I deserve more or another slice of life I yearned for. Don't like weather, traffic, restrictive parents, general attitudes, and lack of dancing opportunities here. Like the abundance of opportunities, cheap prices, housemaids, and I don't know what else may come up to mind.

Just for your curiosity, my watch is still set at GMT+10. That means I'm constantly reminding myself of Melbourne. The same goes with the mobile phone, and probably the blog (we'll see later - I don't normally sleep past midnight here.)

Life has been lame-ish lately. There's been much sleep, play, drawing sessions and driving lessons up to now. I'm planning to take my licensing test on Thursday; please pray for me! >.<>

I'm preparing for a competition; the sketches and fabric swatches are due in on Thursday (the same day as the driving test!) I need to colour them, and to find proper fabric swatches to go with it. Ack! Been having some difficulties to find unique-ish fabrics, as most things found here are either weirdly coloured or extravagantly brocaded/embroidered - which are exactly what I am avoiding at the moment.

There was also a primary-school reunion I attended earlier. A girl I knew is doing final-year Fashion at RMIT ::jealous! want-her-course!:: -> well, you kinda see my attitude there. There were a lot of people awed by the fact I have graduated and landed a job at a reputable company, but I was quite taken by the fact she is doing something I want to do. Nevertheless, although some nasty ol' attitudes persist in certain people, most of the group have definitely grown up. You can easily see through who is genuinely nice and who is disinterested, though. I'm kinda glad I went there because I managed to catch up with them, and also meet a new friend. We successfully fooled [for several minutes] some of the people coming in late that this 'unfamiliar guy' got transferred out when he was in grade three :p By the way, a girl from my old primary school was actually doing her internship at the same place Irving is working, and they knew each other! It was funny to hear her tease him over the phone, while he was receiving a call from my number. Some thorough explanations had to be made ^^

My exams were not good I think. I want to think more positively about it, but I can't. But anyway... let's concentrate on other controllable matters ^.^; I am praying that I will be getting a decent mark on it. It may make that little difference...

Anyways, I've decided to use the time of whatever place I am at whenever I'm blogging. Plus, I just knew about this song several days ago at the insistence of P, who told me that I "must, must listen to this song". Thanks, P! ^.^ Much appreciated.

I'm looking forward to next weekend, with lots of hope and prayers on it. Tee-hee. I will need to go buy lots of props and costumes for the drama, and I hope Poinky's not forgetting to send me *whatevershemustsendtomenow* (you know it, girl - I'll check your blog.) Btw Poinky, you better look for this song as it's a good good good one for you to listen to :D If you don't like it, then Cippy might. Take care everybody!

Who am I that You are mindful of me
that You hear me when I call
Is it true that You are thinking of me
how You love me, it's amazing!


golf_gurls2005 said...

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golf_gurls2005 said...

get tee times right now! ok mukuge girl