Monday, June 06, 2005

When The War Is Over

I'm yet to pack my suitcase. The twenty-kilogram challenge is on...

The question of 'what to bring' and 'what not to bring' has been plaguing me for some time now. In line with the deductive reasoning spirit MLL110 is trying to instill, it's good to start with the trip's purposes as to ascertain what will be needed, and what won't. On top of this, there are absolutes that are simply coming with me, whether it serves a practical function or not (these usually belong to the sentimentalities department.)

I've always seen the trip of having a transitional/temporary nature. The main purpose of the trip is persuasion for art school. Its second purpose is to put me on the market (oh well.) It's also useful to get some work experience along the way. Hence, I will pack as little as I need, so that the signals are clear. I'll also need to figure out how to lug my A0 portfolio along as well 9__9; There was a question posed on whether I would bring my 'spacewalk' boots along. Hey ^.^ they would be fun to wear, although they are impractical for tropical climates.

The shortlist is: corporate clothes (scrap drab ones away), textbooks, illustration books, sketchbooks, folio, art tools, digital files, skincare, sentimentalities.

One irritating thing is how many assume (1) I will be there for good (2) I won't stand a chance of returning here. If I won't (hopefully will), then what's the harm in finding it out? People keep making assumptions and guesses of what I prefer to do, or the path I am bound to journey on, when it is clearly set since I have stated what my intentions and plans are many times. I'm so tired of explaining and re-explaining why I bothered myself buying a return ticket, even to those who suggested me to get a return ticket themselves.

Ah, this world's twisted.

I'm seeing things others prefer not, may not, or yet to see. Sometimes it makes me feel invincible, at other times it makes me feel like a bimbo.

Off to study. Wish to see you again, even if it seems improbable.

When the war is over got to start again
Try to hold a trace of what it was back then
All around this chaos and madness
Only choice to face it the best I can

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