Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Let's Go

Two issues for this blog: the Bali boycott and torture.

Firstly, the Bali boycott. It's up to people if they want to boycott Bali. If they deem the decision over Corby's case is not fair and decides to have a 'payback time', it's up to them. If they strive for fairness, then they ought to think of the common people of Bali (and Indonesia in general.) Is it fair for these people to do no wrongdoings but be punished as a retribution over a decision, in which they did not/could not take a part in making the decision? Is it fair to punish someone based on an outcome that he/she could not control? To boycott Bali, it would essentially suffocate the economy. Fine, you might think of it as being your leverage in getting Corby released. Who makes the decision? The courts. Are they likely to care over the impact of an ailing economy on common people? Honestly speaking, no. Then, is boycotting Bali going to increase the likelihood of having Corby released? No.

But then, if you still find you are going for the Bali boycott, you essentially are torturing other human beings. And torture, however fickle the actions committed may be, is still a crime against humanity. All these and you still dare say boycotting Bali is justified in the name of fairness and solidarity to Corby. My goodness, even the one who is going through the sentence does not complain as much as those who are boycotting Bali. They are so childish! .\\//.;

About torture... yes, I know about Professor Mirko Bargaric. He greeted us as a good host of Deakin University over the Law School induction weekend I went to earlier this year. Couldn't believe that kind of article came from the guy giving a speech on the podium and chatting to prospective students.

I am convinced torture is morally wrong and legally unpermissible (ask for my MLL110 essay if you want to, I'll gladly show you why.) Just can't understand the way lawyers, and people in general, think nowadays.

So serious a blog for the first one on my twenty-second year on earth. Hehe. Anyway, take care! I'm going to have a barbecue with the Melbourne Uni gang later on today, and I'll keep you posted on it. Have a nice day! ^.^

You gotta a nice job
in an office on the seventh floor,
Oh, but you're lookin' out the window
and you're thinking: that there's somethin' more.
You close your head,
you close your eyes,
But somethin' deep inside you cries;
Let's go

Let's go to the great unknown,
find the one who rolled away the stone
Let's go to the foreign shore,
find a way to give like we never gave before
Let's go, going far and wide,
pack your bags and leave it all behind.
What are we waiting for?
Let's go!

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