Tuesday, May 31, 2005

(shill bidding)

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate shill bidding.

Many would've known my favourite pastime when a broadband connection is available: online shopping, eBay in particular. There was one thing I desperately wanted to buy, but was outbidded by someone else at the last moment. I suspected the seller setting up fake accounts to increase the final price, but suspicion without proof beyond all reasonable doubt isn't much at all. The fake account was new, created just around the time of listing, and had the same area code. Anyways. I saw the very item being listed again tonight. Yes, you heard me right, the same item. AGAIN.

I'll be betting on my chances whether I would still be able to buy the item or not, if the seller account is suspended. I will report the case anyway, even though the bidding had been closed. Hopefully the seller's not going to play dirty, and that I would win the item this time around... hopefully.

Anyway, end of blab. Back to research now.

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