Sunday, May 29, 2005

I'm All Yours

Weird things happen.

Everybody pretty much knew my computer was spewing up for the past couple of days. Starting with a malfunctioning mouse (quickly sorted by a soft-loan from my sister), a malfunctioning ADSL router (dropping the connection every half-hour and hence requiring resets), et la pièce de résistance: a dysfunctional, out-of-frequency computer screen. What the heck.

What made things worse were:
1. Because the screen was completely out of frequency, it was impossible to even switch into Safety Mode since the notification came out before the RAM was completely checked. Hence no possibility of backing up data.
2. Research and projects were stalled (yes, they will be resumed Monday evening.)
3. Time was running out for the projects to be finished.
The fact that my computer now is fully functioning (albeit with a minor delay in displays when typing) is a wonder.

"Packing suitcases" is also a prickly issue with me at the moment. I might get a bit excited laying my hands on a return ticket and decide to bring the bare minimum with me. I would like to have an optimistic outlook on my trip, but I'm also afraid of being overconfident on my chances to use the return ticket. I don't know what to expect anymore... apart from bad postal services, high humidity, ever-present pollution and the absence of Borders bookstores (damn.) It'll be freaking expensive to lay a hand on import illustration books.

Four more days to the big two-one. Not hating it, not loving it, and not so indifferent about it. I'm excited to hold a barbecue, mindful about the bills, and nervy on the prospects of being lugged involuntarily into a pool. Food for eleven, minus soda drinks.

Eight more days to the P-plater driving test. Need to learn parallel parking >.<>

Nine more days to the last viable chance of dancing openly. Sigh.

Ten more days to departure. Definitely not liking it. Trying furiously to snap pictures and stock up on things such as Aesop skincare, Aroma M perfumes, L'Epicier teas, illustration books and... more shopping. OK, this isn't going anywhere productive. Deciding on whether I should lug the digicam and its tidbits along. Deciding on whether I should bring any souvenirs (after all, I've been back here and there so many times I run out of ideas - and funds - on what to get for them.)

Reminder on exams: bad, BAD, BAD girl. Go back to study! Do you want to get a shot at design or not?! .\\//.

Okay, that's all for now. Back to cramming my head into law textbooks. Will need to teach in about nine hours (at most three more sessions to go, bear it up...)

If I fix my eyes on You
will You show me what to do?
I'll lay down my sorrows
I'm all Yours

If I could make the world
fade away for just a moment
to be alone with You...
too many voices, too many noises
too many choices...
why can't it be just You and me?

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