Monday, May 09, 2005

Hanya Karena Cinta

My auntie's here for the month or two. Or three. Well, anyway, the point is:
1. Since my bed mate is here, I should sleep with more consideration of the body lugged next to me, set for rest to relieve a day's hard work (in the kitchen.)
2. This implies I am well-fed, and consequently growing my girth. I am hoping this trend will prove to be not exponential and reversible in the near future. Not because I'm bulimic or anorexic, but just because I need to watch what I eat given inherited medical conditions.

That's pretty much all... probably.

I'm trying to crash myself into the LLB course, nine weeks into the semester. At the same time, I'm crashing myself into building a respectable portfolio of a high [academic] quality, and crashing myself into churning out workable solutions for practical problems. You get the theme: crashing oneself into tasks, foaming at mouth and banging one's head against the wall in order to get inspiration. Well, not strictly to get some inspiration, but to make the stress pale in comparison to physical pain.

(Then again, I don't bang my head against the wall as a matter of habit, it was a hyperbole... and the walls at home are made from weatherboard.)

Today/Monday was spent rather productively. I churned out several silhouettes, some dug out from previous sketches. What comes to mind next is how to digress these ideas into patterns. I had a look on a website article detailing on bias-cutting (and learnt some valuable lessons on glovemaking), but still lacking in practise. I don't know how to work the prevalent theme as they are quite diverse in nature. They borrow, to some extent, from Vionnet to nautical objects, to countryside living, to Victorian upper-stiff-lippedness, to Balenciaga's fifties volume, to eighteenth-century culottes, to furisodes. They are pretty diverse I believe. I'll photocopy them, and stuff the originals into the portfolio book. The photocopies will be coloured... if I can find decent watercolour brushes at home :p

The house managed to trick Poink today. It involved no water, flour or rotten eggs of any sort. Just pure tricks, and collaboration with Bandit. It was different and bland in comparison to markedly surprising tricks I have come across in the past, but it caught her off-guard nonetheless.

Alright, that's all. I'm not sleep-deprived but I do need some beauty sleep ^.^ I'll leave you with my inspiration song for the moment. Take care!

Apa tersimpan makna atas cinta
Satu kata hati yang tak bisa memilih
Mengapa kita bersama
Tak ku mengerti

Apa tersimpan makna atas cinta
Mampukah kita hapuskan angan-angan
Mampukan kunanti satu tak pasti
Tentang cinta ini

Katakan padaku, sayang...
Jujurkah kau ingin pergi?
Satu pintu kan kuberi
Hanya tak ingin lagi kau kembali

Hanya karena cinta, damai kan kuberi
Hanya karena cinta, maaf kan kuberi
Hanya karena cinta, mungkin kau kembali
Pantaskah dirimu kembali

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