Monday, February 28, 2005

(sleepless nights)

It's 1:34AM, and I'm still awake, even though I have to be at uni tomorrow morning... by 8:30AM.

The whole course completion, graduation, conferring ceremony, sponsorships, Kanooka and PR paperworks are like a whirlwind. It felt weird to be here, ... just weird. Can't explain how I am supposed to burrow my nose into books for a second time around. This time around, I can definitely say O-week hosts are one of the most helpful people during your transition period!

PK is also another issue for this new semester/academic year. Previously, I have always thought I would certainly pledge myself to Melb Uni. On the other hand, PK in Deakin might be a good idea. For sure, in Semester 1 efforts will be devoted to Melb Uni since Poss is leaving and Yaki will essentially be a single fighter. However, I haven't quite worked out what to do for Semester 2.

Sometimes I wonder, life is like a never-ending journey. It has an end, a distant one though. When we had open table in Melb Uni, it was like a dream come true, and was partly like a honeymoon in the sense that I was thinking, "Phew, we are here at last!" (The pictures are stuck on my Friendster profile's photo album.) However, when PK Deakin was mentioned, I was excited at the prospects as well. It would probably be another battlefield full of mines.

Which in a sense tells me this: there is no honeymoon in PK.

Graduation-wise... I'm struggling to get a spot for four, including myself, for this Saturday's graduation. It would probably a historic and funny day at the same time. Can't imagine me putting on a toga and posing "classically" the way graduates' pictures are usually taken. I'm hoping I won't smirk ^^;

Tata's bday is on Thursday.

Alright, it's late at night, and I need to go to bed even though the heat's unbearable. Air-con is a privilege. Take care, and good night!

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