Friday, March 04, 2005

Kiss of Heaven

The administrative bugs were on me today. I went on a paperworks-tidying campaign. Now that VP's paperworks are done to the maximum (sorted, receipts and disbursements recorded), I was planning to move to cleaning out my summer semester's bits of paper. The big paperbag did not do much appeal to my eyes, hence it would probably be done tomorrow evening. Glad to know that Melb Uni's paperworks are almost done, with the exception of making some sort of cash journal >.<>

As for now, they are in a PINK folder though. I will be looking for a new home for these pieces of paper, as the pink colour and the design are bit of a turn-off.

Talking about which, I need to get organised for LLB and recharge my 'batteries', as an assignment's already due to be handed in next week (don't know how to hand it in either, considering I'm on distance education.) Having a host to show you around, and to help you out if you happen to be the lucky ones, is certainly helpful - I'll make this point to Sophie! Unfortunately she's off on a maternity leave, so I just have to work out her personal number by either (1) relying on Google, or (2) asking around. In general, this week so far has been packed.

Now to some leisurely things... as well as a textbook, I bought a sealing stamp and some seal wax on my trip to Il Papiro on Degraves Street, down in the City on Thursday. Some of you might have already known my love of stationery... erm... I'd like to delete that chapter of Morning Glory mania from my memory. Anyway, the store I went to is a store that sells handmade Italian paper, leather-bound notebooks and albums, personalise-able name cards, letter-writing kits and other tidbits like Venetian glass pens, sterling silver pens and wax seal kits. If you can bear to wait up to four weeks, you can pretty much personalise what you want, from your own monogrammed letterhead to a one-off sealing stamp (it is quite pricey at around $100-$120, as the shopkeeper lady said.)

The whole point of the Il Papiro store is that I love scriptic handwritings with sepia ink on nice paper, and have it sealed with wax. It is quite relaxing to take your time to write a sentence or two on a piece of paper, as it gives you time to think for the words you are about to churn out. I take some three to five seconds to think of what I am about to write, as well as how to [technically] write it... in the case of MSN Messenger, it usually takes me 0.5 seconds before the keyboard starts clacking.

While I was hanging around after BBQ today (or better still, yesterday,) I was running a flashback of scenes in my mind. The conclusion is that we know not what we are blessed with until the blessing is taken away from us. Well, I believe so. Even though the idea is not nice to live with, it seems to happen to me on a good deal of occasions, which increases the 'truth' factor in its claim. It feels like He is treating me the way a jeweller gets sterling silver out of silver ore.

(A technical point to make: sterling silver stands for silver alloy that contains AT LEAST 92.5% pure silver, and does NOT strictly apply to 92.5% pure silver alloys only.)

I am hoping some people would actually be able to make it to the retreat... sigh...

Oh, and lastly, I am graduating on the sixteenth. And I am also hoping my parents won't pose much of a barrier against me going to Queensland the coming holiday. Hehehehe... I love them, but I want to look after myself as well.

A pointer on the song: if you can manage to find it somewhere (MP3/CD/Kazaa), listen to it. If the lyrics do not appeal to you, the music's nice and great to jazz your eyes up. It makes me want to dance ^o^

It's way past 2AM and I gotta wake up early tomorrow morning... there's still two appeal letters to finish @__@ argh! Plus, there is music practice at 10AM, so the morning's not for sleeping in. It's driving me nuts, the residency appeal. I'm lucky Tata have pretty good ears (or deaf ones? :p) she cops a lot of "me-going-nutzer" MSN sessions. Thanks a lot, girl ^^ much appreciated.

OK, good night everybody! Or rather, good dawn... ^^;

I'm walking a new walk
I'll never be the same again
Dancing a new dance
in Your Holy Spirit rain
Your breath of life has overwhelmed me
and set my spirit free

I'm living a new life
underneath Your morning star
Running a new race
in the shadow of Your love
Your love is immeasurable
Too deep to comprehend

My Jesus, dream maker
My Jesus, life giver
I'm living under the kiss of heaven
and I'll never, ever be the same again.

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