Tuesday, February 22, 2005


There is actually little story to be put in this blog.

My BComm exams are all done for, and I'm waiting for the results to be published. As simple as every normal student would ask, I would like to graduate. Soon. NOW. That seems like a big emphasis on instantaneous result, which is what I usually go against... and the very expectation I am having at this very moment. So much for idealism. Human nature is like an animal: it can be trained to behave well, but its wild nature cannot be changed.

On Tuesday (which was just yesterday - this feels more like a Tuesday night than a Wednesday dawn), I did hosting at uni. My group was really nice, and I also met this Indo girl who turned out to be Nad's junior in high school. This year I got to try to do backflips on trampolines, and also sumo wrestling. Yay! It was fun to do, although at some point creative thinking was required to transform my outfit into a more suitable one. The sumo wrestling was particularly memorable, with me and Sabrina trying to stand up while wearing a sumo costume that was bigger than ourselves. I also managed to drag Rez for backflips on trampolines; she was against it but I could not see enough reluctance in her participation. She claimed that she would kill me... which I think was a casual threat thrown at me while she was being thrown up in the air. The backflips were challenging (but fun) to master, and the front flips just HARD to do. It gave me a fresh perspective of adrenaline rush, with the wind blowing on my face and me half-floating in the air. I'll miss uni for sure ^^;

Some of the facilitators were having a good time as well. We managed to draw up a list of terms coined to refer a host's tenure at Melbourne O-Week... in years. This is the list, from the shortest to the longest:
New hosts i.e. first-timers (...we even marketed the hosting to some first-year students!)
Return hosts (been there once)
Veteran hosts (been there at least twice)
Old (been there three times)
Ancient (it's your fifth year doing it)
Prehistoric (anyone doing it for the sixth time, or when one has received a completed statement of results from student admin.)
By the time you get to 'prehistoric' level, you would have been there long enough to handle a Vet Science group when you're just doing... Engineering. Hehehe, no intentions to offend Eng people.

I also managed to collect a sizable loot from the O-Week giveaways: bags, balloons, shirts, bookroom vouchers, drinks, food coupons etc etc. The loot was not the main reason why I did hosting, though, and neither was it a substantial factor in decision-making.

Tata was also bugged quite a lot today (sorry! hehe but I hope you enjoyed it.) She had these cubes to finish. Oh, before I forget, need to send something off as well tomorrow. Soba was on my supper list as well, which is partly why I'm still here at such a late hour. I'm trying to contact an old friend. The reason being was to tease him endlessly about having a new girlfriend and keeping the news under cover. He owes me and Lia a banquet! Hehe. It was just we weren't expecting him to be in a relationship any time soon given his work responsibilities, we find it a suitable circumstance to make a good laugh out of it. I'm evil... hehehe... but we had this deal long ago, and a deal's a deal. Oh well, let's just wait and see.

Tomorrow is likely to be a quiet day, apart from open table preparations and doing Quickbooks. The residency issue is coming along well, although dissecting through paperwork for journal entries is not my favourite thing to do. I might have to go to the City for sponsorship arrangements... OK, I really have to go to the City to meet this guy for sponsorship arrangements. So I think tomorrow's pretty set. I need to go to bed now in order to have an early start for the day, and do as many journal entries as possible.

After all, the accountant's set for work.

Oh, I also got this offer for my resume to be passed on to a multinational's HR department. Not bad for a start. I must be careful, though, since my academic results are not what you will call splendid or even a worthy topic of discussion. Alright, that adds another item on my to-do list for tomorrow. Let's just reiterate it:
Quickbooks' entries
MidCity guy before lunch
Student admin for transcript
Plush at around lunch
Go to L'Epicier
Lonsdale St guy between 2-3PM
Upload PDF files
Set up the website (must finish Quickbooks early!)
Reply to the email nicely.

Alright, that's set for tomorrow to do. I hope that this coming job will be a good one, and a suitable one if I am accepted (keeping in mind the Mukuge project.) Good night, everybody. Take care!

Love, lift me out of these blues
Won't you tell me something true
I believe in you.

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