Friday, February 04, 2005

The Way You Look At Me

Went to eat lunch at Garage Cafe today. The meal was reasonably priced and sized, which is good (Gandaria serves meagre portions at prices just under Garage Cafe's.) It was not top-class delicious either, but is good for a student's standards. Happy with it ^o^

Today was my first day playing tambourine again. It was good! ^^ It had been a while since I last practised and 'exercised', hence it felt a bit physical and tiring back then. We tried these new moves... which was hilariously FAST... then I slapped my pinky finger on the tambourine's edge!! Ouch that hurts a lot... and the joint looks like it's swollen now. Blue-ish shadow, really, and doesn't feel nice when pressed. This has happened a good couple of times (luckily not to often), but anyway hopefully it isn't a case of broken bones. Having demented fingers would look sick, I reckon. I won't get into the whole idea of testing of the 'sick finger' look though hahaha...

I also went to check out the umbrella people's H/O down Faraday Street. It was a rather small office, but they have an interesting selection of sample umbrellas there!! Yay!! They all looked cute and/or cool, which made it hard to decide which one to choose from. Unfortunately, the owner guy came into scene and told me I couldn't get any of them away from the H/O regardless of whether I pay for it or not. Company secrets, I guess :p If that didn't work then I might have to convince him by applying for work at his place hahaha... this whole umbrella obsession is getting hilarious by day.

It was weird Pets Paradise no longer stock dog jumpers; the girls in Melbourne Central referred me to Collar and Bone. This other store sells upmarket dog wares and stocks minuscule sizes for pet dogs commonly kept by Asians in apartments... sigh... nothing wearable for Bandit on a daily basis. There were dog back-packs but they would not be comfy enough for him to live in. The buckles, argh!! Just hoping that all these people get their common sense back and realise there are people out there who own Afghan hounds, greyhounds or even a vizla. Hey, a vizla would be cool ^^

The university bookroom stocks these Oxford dictionnaries (20-odd volumes of them) and a shorter version. Well, two is still less than twenty.

Alright, that is it for today. My body's creaking; need to do personal hygiene routine (brush teeth, wash face, put moisturiser... alright, the moisturiser bit is not strictly personal hygiene but still necessary.) Will wake up early tomorrow morning to finish up a mental pile of to-dos. Oh, lastly, I'm adoring this exotic peacock furisode. It's simply spectacular ^o^ but buying a kimono entails other hidden costs too, like buying jyuban, obi, obijime, kanzashi (if I were feeling fancy), tabi, zori and a whole heap of other stuff. And that was not an exhaustive list...

This is not an excuse, but I'm quite proud with my piggy bank, although today's tally was meagre. Dhami's green tea milkshake is turning into one milky slush!! The taste was indiscernible. Mental note: buy green tea milkshake from Samurai instead (which involves a 30-minute trip on foot.)

Going for beauty sleep and dreaming on the furisode hahaha...

'Cause there's something in the way you look at me
It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece
You made me believe that there's nothing in this world I can't be
I never know what you see
But there's somethin' in the way you look at me

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