Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Hypothetically speaking, what would you do when you are faced with a decision: preserve the artwork, or recycle it?

Uh oh. I had always been a fervent believer in artwork preservation. In my opinion, it is important to conserve artworks so that future generations will be able to see first-hand proof of how an individual lived in the society one was living in. The idea of salvaging artworks to be used for purposes other than the above-mentioned education seemed like an abomination.

Several days ago I came across an antique kimono auction at eBay (don't worry, I ended up not buying it.) Given uploaded pictures, the quality of fabric was spectacular, and it was reasonably priced given the amount of material to be received - some 3.5 metres of royal blue silk heavily embroidered with gold threads. It was in a good condition too, given its age (older than my grandma for sure.) Spiffy! But then what came to mind was, "Of course I wouldn't wear it as is. What about pulling it apart and making a modern outfit from the materials?"

That, my friend, was a dilemma. I believed in conservation but also understood that the materials would have little useful life left should they be left in the state they were in. I love experimenting, but once it is taken apart then it would be impossible to reverse the process done. Probably I would take something apart the next time I come across a gorgeous (yet highly unwearable) kimono, but not now. I'm kinda broke... and then again, I've got to go to class. Take care, and happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate it! ^^

and you'll see.

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