Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Little by Little

Today was exceptional.

It all started a couple of days ago (was it last week?) Marsha went to sleep at some ungodly hour the previous night, woke up late for class, and was late for the bang-on-time tram service she was supposed to take. Consequently she took a later service and ended up stranded on the Royal Parade roundabout some half-hour after the lecture started - there was no Route 19 trams. After waiting for a good couple of minutes, she decided the sun was not going to make much of an inconvenience given that the tram shelter was made from glass anyway, and left for the main campus block on foot. Not willing to spend an extra minute under the sun, she walked down a sleepy side road, on where she saw a newly-opened restaurant encased by an old (yet renovated) garage. A new one, she thought, which I will pay a visit to if I had the time. She did pay a visit today, and went away with much more in her hands than what she could have imagined a week ago.

A lot of people know I stutter when I talk, accentuated by mumbles and worsened by a breakneck speech speed. Yeah right, tell me I'm a smooth-talking melancholic girl. When I first started working in retail, I had to be shoved onto customers before making any verbal contact with them. Today, I gave a swift look to the restaurant with dilated pupils, an obvious sign I was feeling lost... and downright scared. To cut things short, three hours later I walked away in a daze, trying to replay what had just happened before her eyes. He was with me all the time I was in there.

I am quite concerned with my summer subjects. Even though they are second-year subject and I did well in HRM's first assignment (culminating in the rare occasion of my marks being better than Dd's), it does not guarantee I will get flying colours for the final results. In less than 40 hours two assignments will be due by electronic submission, which saves travelling time but still is not an awful lot of extra time. I am in a state of mental blankness.

Saving money in a piggy bank can be quite enjoyable. I have to admit to enjoying those chink-chink noise when you pop your coins into it. Unfortunately I lost track of where today's remaining coins are, hence I banked very little. Hopefully I won't revert back to the stingy Marsha I used to be when I was little (who had a relatively sizable nest-egg in her piggy bank.) It is quite hard, especially with the greenback's weakness and Apple's latest release: iShuffle. It basically works like an MP3 player/USB pen drive, sans the display and the AAA battery. Its capacity is acceptable at a respectable 1GB (it's also released in a 512MB version.) Alright, enough promotion here.

I was overjoyed at 'getting rid' of Revenge Guy. Well, I was proven wrong - the euphoria was broken by my mobile phone, declaring a message received. Gah .\/. am I being too subtle with the selection of words and my own conduct? No! <6__-;> Stop it!!!

Oh well, I'm going back to my assignment. So unmotivated... but let's get through this anyway!

Little by little, day by day
Little by little, in every way
My Jesus is changing me
As I look upon His face
He is changing me by His grace
My Jesus is changing me

He's changing me, my blessed Saviour
I'm not the same old person that I used to be
Although it's slow going
still, there's knowing
That one day, like Him I shall be.

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