Monday, January 31, 2005

Smile Like Mona Lisa

I just have a feeling I'm turning this blog into some sort of crabpatorium (excuse me.)

The plums we brought from Clayton has been sitting around in the kitchen for quite some time now. It will be necessary to juice most of them later on today, in order to prevent it from wasting away.

The importance of art lessons are becoming more prominent nowadays. When you see a picture, you tend to go for the 'big building blocks' while mostly skipping the 'little narrative details'. Let's do an example... OK, take a digital picture with the main subject focused on the foreground and distant crowds in the background. Seeing the foreground, you can work out that this main subject is doing something for sure. However, when you pay attention to the crowds in the background, you will most often find raw expressions that refer back to the main subject. For example, if you see a smiling person as the main subject on the foreground and a sneering crowd at the back, you will come to the conclusion this person may not be well-liked among the crowd. This is because there is some sort of psychological factors regressed into the whole picture. Don't ask me about the detailed technicalities as I am not trained in psychology.

(JYG, if you dare moot me on this, I will do a thorough character asassination on you.)

OK, this blog's getting a bit theoretical. Let's move on to another area.

I wonder what happened with Union House earlier today; it was so quiet. To be honest, there aren't many places where I can go to ask for SS (SS here is not the one referred to in Holocaust history; just my own abbreviation.) Basically I need to refer back to the rhinoceros-thick skin I utilised back in 2001. Oh my goodness, I also keep forgetting to bring my mobile to uni even though someone was kind enough to let me borrow his as a replacement. It might be because of its indistinctive colour (my previous one was aqua green) I happen to miss it frequently.

To be honest, I'm annoyed with Ale due to ignorance. Or should I say it is heavily due to some other factors like lack of respect or a liking to hide-and-seek games? Probably it's more like Scav Hunt nowadays. (It might be fun to join Scav Hunt this year, but unfortunately I won't be at Melbourne for now - sob!) My auntie's in here too, but I don't know whether I should say thanks or not on this; It's a delicate affair. I'm happy with Monce's presence in here but still hoping that it would be minus the ciggies. Hopefully he'll ditch them by the end of this year. And hopefully he won't get into any sort of relationship deviations this time around... hahaha... who am I to control his heart? Even if I control his eyes, it won't translate to faithfulness to the heart.

Lastly, the pictures I ordered from Freeze Frame still looked BAD. Oh well, this means I would need to scan the 10-inch copy and shrink it to a wallet-sized, 350dpi resolution file before printing it.

By the way, I've got less than 71 hours to lap up two assignments. Sorry, gotta rush! Take a good care of yourself ^^

So when you smile like Mona Lisa
my heart falls to pieces
'Cause smiling just can't hide
all the sadness in your eyes
If I could only hold you
Love you like I used to
But girl, what can I do
when you smile like Mona Lisa

Oh, I carry a photograph
Girl of the way she used to be...

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