Saturday, February 12, 2005

Always Be My Home

I've been eating a lot of junkfood lately - some of them are the Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts and home-made spiders. This isn't good! The good thing is that I save a lot. Uh oh, not really, I'm starting to spend a lot too (need to keep an eye on this :q)

Without taking the coming Sunday into consideration, this week is pretty blah to sum up. I'm just hoping that tomorrow/today will be a better day. Life is overwhelming. I submitted an application for special consideration and will probably seeing a doctor/psychiatrist person the day after tomorrow to substantiate my application. It's such a funny thing, submitting this, whereas I was supposed to be ready on Monday to meet my tutor and discuss past exam responses (this was my plan on Wednesday evening.) So much for stability. Time and events are fleeting.

With the heyday of Chinese Lunar New Year about to pass, I just want to write something about horoscopes. They are RUBBISH. If you believe them, you are getting trapped in self-fulfilling forecasts (when in fact you don't have to fulfil them.) I'm not encouraging anyone to believe in them even though you think it's okay to believe in good self-fulfilling forecasts; you will be self-fulfilling bad ones, too, at the same time. The future is like uncharted waters, and we the cartographers at the forefront of expedition. Hence do not be tempted to buy cheap and faulty forgeries of what is yet to be seen, you're wasting your time and heart.

I also don't believe in 14/2 (the coming Monday... ahem.) It's true you need to celebrate your love to others... but when you love others, you love them pretty much throughout the year(s)... not on occasions like 14/2, or your "dating anniversary". I found a lot of people neglect their other half and hope that being extra sweet on 14/2 will help mitigate/compensate for their lack of love. It's just a big, fat LIE! I'm not against people celebrating it, but remember that we should practise what we preach on 14/2. Don't get carried away in commercialisations done by the sweet tooth, floristry and jewellery industry (they milk a substantial amount from this occasion.)

Life's pretty messed up, especially with the intention of studying art. The walk is not an easy one. Further complicated by external expectations and pressures. He won't give a smooth road, but He's there for me. Thanks a lot! ^^

Alright, I'll try to finish up the paperworks for that DIMIA response, bid for some items at eBay, and go to bed. Wait, the bidding might come later, depending on the progress. I hope I can score a good sleep and not miss the bidding hehehe. What a bad shopper I am...

Take care and do not lose heart.

Your heart will always be my home
No matter where I go
No matter what may come
You'll be my shelter in the storm
A harbor safe and sound
Where only true forgiveness can be found

But still, I wanna run away
Go it all alone
When will I ever learn from my mistakes?

And I can't live without Your love
'Cause Your eyes have seen beyond
the things I'm guilty of
I won't be afraid
To turn back down the road
'Cause Your heart will always be my home

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TinaTina said...

Whuaaa.... Krispy Kreme original glaze... ahhahaa... I love them..!