Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Today I went to the house on Kanooka, in Clayton, to check on the installed locks. They were fine. Apart from that, we (me and my sister) had a good time harvesting stone fruits from the back garden: nectarines, apples and plums. We brought home so many of them the kitchen now has a sweet smell of fruits. It's really nice! If only smell 'recorders' and re-players' exist... well, I have to admit the garden looked like the Garden of Eden, with the exception of the withering lemon tree. Poor lemon tree... I persuaded Poink to come back there sometime this week when the sun has set, so that we can water the garden and put some mulch. Looking at the garden, it was so relaxing. It definitely should be looked after even when the boarders are filling up the rooms; it's a pity if next summer the harvest would not come. I definitely have to look after it, or else hire someone to tend the garden once every fortnight.

I have also read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It's apparently a really famous book hence there is no need to put hyperlinks on it. The content was not very surprising (if not giving some interesting insights), given that I have read about some of Da Vinci's findings in art classes. The Mona Lisa definitely did not come as a surpise to me, as it was executed in the same style (minus the sfumato) with Cecilia Gallerani's portrait. I was not surprised with the size of Mona Lisa as well, since I have read and seen it firsthand - it is a true case of "size does not matter". Tiepolo's Cleopatra's Banquet (kept at the National Gallery of Victoria) is over 2.5 metres in height and occupies an area of almost nine square metres; however, it is not as famous as the Mona Lisa.

Besides that, I do not really agree with the generalisation people usually assume upon reading the book. I agree that men and women are equals - not the same, but equals. Yes, I am aware of the existence of the Gnostic Gospels (haven't read them though). Yes, I am aware of what Constantine did in the past. However, if God can manage tsunamis and resurrect people, He surely can manage book publications well - especially the one relating to His own Word. I believe whatever He decided not to mention in the Bible I have in my hands right now is simply because they are of lesser importance to my spiritual growth, and decided that I should know it later on, as in when I have some knowledge of the Word. It is easy to get your trust mixed up... which is why I say to those who are reading the book: if you know what you are reading, you will be fine.

Which makes a bit of a problem... as Rez is about to read it. (Probably it is not my problem, but I am still worried nonetheless.)

Doing art has its own advantages. Sure, you get your fingers dirty and you meddle around in dangerous chemicals all day long, but you also learn to critically appreciate what others do. Even three years is not enough, contrary to what most conservative Asian mid-aged population members think. Seeing deeper than the lines and colours are what art students learn in classes. So when someone tell me studying art is useless activity, don't be surprised if I threw a passionate half-rage testimony of what art studies actually are. Art is not skin deep.

I was also trying to draw this line between the word 'art' and the ancient English form of the second-person verb of 'be' (as known as 'are')... which is 'art'. There must be a link between one's current circumstances and his/her subsequent expressions, which are apparently influenced by the circumstances themselves. Proactive individuals exist, but all of us are reactive in nature.

Today, like yesterday, is really hot. Right now I smell of sweat (yikes!) I miss the near 24/7 air-conditioning environment of Indonesia. This longing may explain today's choice of song. Probably a lot of people will complain, "but it is Indonesian!" Well, if Italian songs (which are obviously non-English) can make their appearance here, why not Indonesian ones too? We often talk about 'being fair' while specifically discriminating certain groups. I'm not trying to be some Western-educated, refined FOB here; just trying to be just..

I'm saving up well with the piggy bank lately. Keeps trying to pay with notes so that I get some loose change and bank them at night. Trying not to rely on plastics, and putting a hard brake on eBay. Boy, it's hard! Hopefully these good habits will develop well :p

Seems like I'm getting sappy by the day; is it only my feelings or is it really happening? To satisfy your curiosity, I have eight chapters to lap off by tomorrow; there's no more comment then. Since the water pipes are getting fixed and will be ready by midnight, I will have to delay taking an extra shower till past midnight. Oh well, past midnight is good enough ^^ Take care!

I feel like dancing.

Terbayang yang terindah
Yang terhampar, berlalulah
Sadarku semuanya
Perasaan rasa cinta

Kaulah yang diinginkan aku
Dari mimpiku, dari mimpiku
Coba terbangkan khayalku
Dari sadarku, dari sadarku...

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