Sunday, November 28, 2004

What About Me

It's good, I managed to have a safe touchdown and some pretty interesting episodes of my life in the past couple of days.

Let's begin with the day trip in Singapore. Went to see Yosh and had a good chat with her (apart from the part that she's a heavy smoker >.<) That part went on well, and we had a good conversation. She was actually really open in terms of the way she thinks and reacts to things around her. I was actually relieved to hear that the Tokyo office actually recruits English-speaking graduates to work as a language editor up there. Apart from that, bringing a small bottle of whiskey proved to be a good strategic move as she was able to put it in her bag. It would be hard to conceal a 1L bottle, and most likely most people in her office would assume she's a midday drinker! She drinks, but not when the sun is up. Plus I was so shocked to hear first-hand that in Singapore the Government directly manages how its people behave by levying high tax rates on articles such as alcoholic drinks. Gee, it goes a long way doesn't it.

Secondly, I went to meet Jojo in Orchard. Actually felt really bad with the fact that she had to take taxi (as opposed to MRT) to go to the meeting, especially that it is so expensive. Then she made me be paid for lunch (ouch! >.<) We talked about a lot of things, especially with how we are coping with our lives. I really miss her, and I just hope that despite the fact that her environment is not supportive of her faith, she continues to keep holding on.

Thirdly, I got this really bad case of rashes on my body. The areas mainly affected are the torso and the back. Went to see a doctor in Singapore and got some medications too (I got to a point where I scratched my skin with my nails because it was so hot and itchy to touch.) When I got home and thoroughly checked it out, I looked like some boiled crab...

For that one, I hope it was only a bad case of weather/climate change.

Lastly, I've been thinking about this supposed five-year period that I have left. I've got plans to go abroad and do some island-hopping before settling down. Vivin and CIpi's wedding triggered some sort of chain reaction that prompts some girls thinking about that part of their life. Honestly, I am more scared ending up with the wrong person and/or at the wrong time rather than not getting married at all. You see, we've got this biological clock ticking on top of our head. Nowadays even my grandma has started talking about it. I've been wearing a Russian band on my hand to keep myself relatively free of harasses. OK (this is a distantly related topic), just earlier today we went to church and socialised with some people afterwards. When they shook my hand I realised that the ring kinda squeezed my finger and to some extent it was uncomfortable. In some sense, a marriage is not about looking 'bling and glam' for the rest of your life; it protects you although sometimes it hurts to be in it (the same way I feel about my Russian band.) I need nerves of steel, self-restraint and a calm composure to get through it, especially remembering about that guy who is yet to reveal himself. I wonder if he is reading my blog. Probably later on (as in "in the years to come") we're gonna laugh on top of our lungs about how impatient and childish we were when we were young, when we recall that everything we experience was actually worth the price paid.

Alright, enough blab to keep you going. I'm moving next door to the air-conditionned room before the rash breaks out (need to take my medications too.) Take care, and see you around ^^

What about me?

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