Sunday, November 28, 2004

(caveat emptor)

Just went through a Google search for hydroquinone. This material is widely used in all sorts of things, and particularly in topical skin lighteners. Just to clarify some things, I've included several links to clarify what this substance really is. Here's link #1, link #2 and link #3 (you can also ask Mr. Google for more information.) Hope this helps those who are about to buy their skin lightener/brightener make the right decision.

To be honest, I cringed when I heard one TV ad says, "this product contains 2% hydroquinone to effectively lighten your skin". Growing up reading ingredients list labelled on the back of skincare/cosmetics products, listening to that phrase spoken to aspiring ladies out there made me shiver at how greedy all these producers are: luring them to buy their products with a sweet promise of clearer, lighter-toned skin. Once the products are bought and the money flows, it became of no concern to these producers that these ladies are in considerable health risk. I don't know whether it's their ignorance or their unwillingness to research for the best that makes them to resort to such actions. The fact that not a lot of people actually read labels off adds to the potential time-bomb of mutations and carcinogenic reactions.

And what about me now? As usual, feeling sweaty. It had just begun raining a couple of minutes ago. Practically this is my second last day of vacation before work starts on Wednesday. Yesterday the whole family went to Mango Two on a shopping trip; I got a suit. Anyway, it was surprising to see how big the whole place is right now, as compared to years ago. For today, me and Poink are going to Monalisa, to Freeze Frame (I wish there'd be no blotchy makeup job later on), and to the dentist's (I actually love going there ^^) Oh yeah, Michael is coming tomorrow, and tomorrow is also Irene's birthday... just an early note, happy birthday Irene! ^^ As for my mental note, I'm learning to contain myself while being ignored. Heheheheh...

Alright, that's just about everything. Take care and see you around! ^^

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TinaTina said...

Hey there girly...

Thats how its been lately huh with millions of products, skin care products, food suppliments and products that are consumed... A whole rang of things have those promise much but consumers only really experience little or sometimes none. And just like those money hungry skin care sellers, they only plainly see it as a job... where if they sell more products, their cashflow increases... Either that or they havent the slightest clue what some chemicals in the product has the potential to do to people. Its a sad thing isnt it.