Thursday, November 25, 2004

I Quit!

Please let me go off the hook (in terms of naming conventions.)

I had probably one of my worst "you have to wait for more" episodes yesterday. Got to the airport by 8PM for a flight 50mins past midnight, which is really early by any standard. Waited for two hours for the counter to open. Being thrown around from the check-in counter lady after everything is almost done through, to the clueless service desk guy, to another service desk lady who really took her time to change my ticket. And she told me to go back to the beginning of the queue, which now has expanded and flowed out of those separator lines!

I seriously got fits and was like a walking pot of plutonium-232 last night. It's really bad and I wish it has never happened. The bad thing is, I tried consoling myself by swiping my CC (the perfume's way cheaper in Duty Free, and Tullamarine now has a TGI Friday inside international departure terminal - went in for an Ultimate Mudslide, finished it within less than 5mins and got a brain freeze.) The good thing is, I felt really tired and got a lot of sleep along the way, which is good considering the amount of sleep I've had in the past 72 hours or so. And I didn't miss any of the meals ^^

Now about to go around Changi for window shopping; then going to Raffles Place, Orchard Rd and NUS. It's good they have some free internet terminals lying around the airport. Most of the things here are still closed anyway. One bad thing is, I started itching my back just around the time I start doing this blog (great.) Don't know what causes it, it's REALLY bad and I hope it's just mild weather change reaction. Hopefully it's not mosquitoes! >.<

Really sorry about not including any song lyrics. All I remember from this song is the impression that the singer was really annoyed (upset? angry?) about something and she kept screaming I Quit, I Quit in chorus. Aaaanyway, my back's getting worse, need to go and check it out. Take care ^^

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