Tuesday, November 23, 2004

To Where You Are

Ah, summer is mixed blessing. The MKB syndrome is settling back in (bless'd are those whose nose is clogged.) It always comes back in summer, no matter how hard I try to get rid of it. And Poss, as I've told you before, the flower-infused water dip does not work.

I'm about halfway through packing my things for the month-long internship (the exam, at this stage, just skims through my brain.) There are still some clothing to be taken from the dry-cleaners, and some will be taken along as well. The deal looked like I'm going back for good, with between a quarter to a third of my wearable wardrobe going straight into the suitcase. Most of the jackets will be going, as well as half the pairs of shoes. The prospect of filling my suitcase to the brim with new goodies/spoils looks a bit brim. It's time to start corporate-dressing, I suppose :p

I really don't have an idea of how things will turn out once this interview starts. Where I will live and pretty much all that hangs upon the idea of how acceptable this "little corporate work" will end up being. Feeling queasy the same way I feel butterflies in my tummy whenever I'm about to give my uni results a check. It looks grim. I myself wonder how long my individuality will last; how long it will be turned into a trend, or how long I will stay in the office before getting kicked out because of it.

I was talking to Tata earlier. She's WO from CrimsonLunacy. We stick together, especially when we were in primary school. Anyway, it was fun to see that she was actually surprised (froze?) when I introduced the idea of married students' arrangement. It was very, very fun ^^

When I was walking Bandit yesterday, I thought that it actually is a privilege to raise up a creature (despite the fact it is a dog), and to relinquish many memories that actually strengthen myself. This is probably one of the few occasions (the first?) for me looking forward to going back during the holidays. I'm also starting to enjoy the afternoon walk despite the fact it is really tiring. When Bandit's on the loose, I run like hell to catch him.

Seriously, I should really really think about doing well in my exam for now... and since it's almost 7PM, I better take Bandit for a walk. Cheers ^^

Fly me up to where you are,
beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight to see you smile
If only for a while to know you're there
A breath away's not far...
to where you are

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