Saturday, November 20, 2004

I Like Bananas

The monkey family would be so familiar to this song. Bananas, bananas... to be honest, eating ripe mangoes in the middle of spring is actually very very good! As with previous springs, the nap quality's good as well.

We overdid the nap: me and my mum. I just woke up some 20-odd minutes ago, woken up by that "it's slightly too bright for 7:30 in the afternoon" feeling, and realised that we were supposed to be up by 5:30 and have an afternoon walk with the dog. My watch's off as well - in the sense that it needs a new battery. I'm not trying to blame anything other than me and my lazy head on overdoing the nap. My mum is still doing it though, and she needs a lot of rest while she's here, so let's leave her as she is.

Well, just want to drop some lines on the song; it was a favourite at PeKa. I don't know whether there is an MP3 of it lying around somewhere in the webspace. Please tell me if you find one. It's a never-ending song. If you know the song, please sing it! Anyway, here it goes. Take care!

I like bananas
I know that mangoes are sweet
I like papayas (PAPAYAS!)
but nothing can beat
the sweet love of God

Well, I was walking 'round a circle five miles an hour
Tryin' to find my way back to the Heavenly father
The world tasted sweet but soon it turned sour
and then I let God in and receive His power
(one, two three!)

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athleticgirl said...

I love this song!! We sing it in chapel at school sometimes!!